Get Lean Goddess Bowl (Lunch): Febraury 2017

Get Lean Goddess Bowl (Lunch): Febraury 2017   As promised with last months Lemon Chicken Recipe of the Month, here is how to use the shredded chicken to make a delicious lunch. Preparation is an important key to eating healthy every day. I try to utilize my time doing things like: if I am grating vegetables for a lunch or dinner I grate extra and keep them in the fridge (see below picture), or when cooking grains cook a bit extra to use in a salad for lunch, or if you are using the oven to bake something then use the spare rack to roast some cubes of [more]

Cardio Fat Burning: 3 Exercise Circuit (February 2017)

Cardio Fat Burning: 3 Exercise Circuit (February 2017)Hey Everyone!! This month I interviewed Lotty who you may remember had a double hip replacement last year.   We promised you a follow-up interview and workout, so here it is! I hope it inspires you to what's possible no matter what challenges you're facing :) r The Interview   r r The Workout r To Download the Workout Video Click Here <<< (Google Chrome Is Best To Download Your Video)   r Workout Guidelines r This power packed cardio routine can be done in around 20 minutes using 3 exercises that work the whole body. You can modify the workout depending on your level (see the variations Lotty demonstrates at the beginning of the video). This is a follow-along [more]

Body Balance: Arms, Abs and Legs: January 2017

Body Balance: Arms, Abs and Legs: January 2017Hey Everyone! Here's a great routine to kickstart your New Year :) The combination of medicine and exercise balls creates a balance challenge - and forces you to use many of the stabilizing muscles increasing deep muscle stimulation.  This technique is very effective for toning and firming while also improving your full body symmetry. It's also particularly good for hitting the back of the legs and glutes. There are 2 ways you can do this workout: Time-Saver: Once through all exercises Once through all exercises then repeat from beginning.   Intro r To Download the Memory Jogger PDF Click Here <<< To Download the Workout Video Click Here <<< r The Workout r The Exercises r 1. Forward & Back Lunges: 20 (count 1 each [more]

Lemon Chicken (Dinner): January 2017

Lemon Chicken (Dinner): January 2017   I love using my slow cooker as it's really simple to set & forget, however, I recently realized it sits dormant for half the year. Usually I associate the slow cooker with warming winter meals like casseroles but decided there must be ways to use it during the warmer months to save time & make batches of food that can be frozen. Here is what I came up with & stay tuned next months recipe of the month which will show you another delicious way to serve this chicken at lunch time. Lemon Chicken (Makes approx. 6 cups of shredded chicken)   Ingredients: 1 kg (2lb) [more]

Christmas Panna Cotta (Snack) : December 2016

Christmas Panna Cotta (Snack) : December 2016   Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebrations so here is a delicious treat that can be served as a dessert or enjoyed as a decadent yet healthy snack for the whole family. I served mine with fresh mango since it's heating up here & the mangoes are divine at this time of the year. If it's a cold Christmas for you then feel free to  choose the fresh winter fruits that are available to you. Suggestions are below in the recipe. This looks spectacular but is surprisingly simple to make. Enjoy this with your loved ones at this [more]

Power Yinyasa Yoga Routine: December 2016

Power Yinyasa Yoga Routine: December 2016Hi Everyone! It's almost Christmas and I know many of you are busy juggling work, family and social events. So I thought you'd enjoy a change of pace with a special follow-along yoga routine. I invited Ali as our guest instructor. She is a commercial lawyer and yoga instructor. "Vinyasa" in sanskrit means "connection of breath and movement". There is a strong focus on using your breath correctly as you move through each position. So pay close attention to this and you'll find it will help with your regular workouts. There are lots of benefits to this routine: 1. Improves the mind to body connection. 2. Improves your diaphragmatic [more]