Diaphragmatic Breathing

In this video Coach Prue takes you through diaphragmatic breathing, what it is, how to do it and how it can help you to gain core strength and stability.   What is Diaphragmatic Breathing? Diaphragmatic breathing is a type of breathing that uses the diaphragm to pull air into and out of the lungs, this can also be called belly breathing or abdominal breathing.   What is the Diaphragm? The diaphragm is an important dome shaped muscle that sits below your lungs.  When you inhale your diaphragm expands into your abdomen, then when you exhale the diaphragm returns to sitting just under the lungs.  Using the diaphragm to [more]

Beginner Core Strengthening Workout

Beginner Core Strengthening WorkoutHi Everyone!   This month Coach Prue has created a great beginner core workout.   There are 3 ways to do this core routine: Beginner: follow along with Coach Prue and complete as many reps as you can for each exercise. Intermediate: follow along with Coach Prue and aim to achieve advanced reps, then repeat either the standing or floor moves a 2nd time. Advanced: go for 2 circuits of all exercises aiming for advanced reps and adding the progressions where possible.   Standing Moves   1. Rainbow Arms: with hands together make a big rainbow movement from one side of the body up overhead and back to the other side. [more]

Pick-Me-Up Energy Balls: Snack

Pick-Me-Up Energy Balls: Snack t As our hormones change during our 40's and 50's, energy during the day can really suffer. Many women feel very fatigued, especially mid to late afternoon. These little balls are packed full of ingredients to help to boost your energy naturally. They're easy to pack in a small container for when you're on the run and need to keep going. t Pick-Me-Up Energy Balls (Makes approx. 26)   Ingredients: r ¼ cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds) 2 tablespoons chia seeds ½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice ½ cup figs, roughly chopped Zest of 1 orange (wash skin well first) 2 tablespoons red maca powder 3 dessertspoons of l-glutamine powder ¼ cup ground flaxseed 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 3 tablespoons raw [more]

Intermediate Core Workout

Intermediate Core WorkoutGood morning Get Leaners, this month we've put together an awesome intermediate core workout. The moves are designed to hit your core muscles, your upper and lower abs, your obliques and the supporting muscles of your lower back lower. The key to flattening your tummy is learning how to engage all these muscles through diaphragmatic breathing.  So listen closely to the coaching video - as I do the exercises I will prompt you when and how to breathe correctly. The key is to breathe out through the hardest part of the exercise and as you breathe out - you brace your abs. The moves are done slowly and with control, [more]

Dinner Time Carb Alternatives

Dinner Time Carb Alternatives Sometimes we crave the comfort of high carb foods like mashed potato, pasta, rice especially in the cooler months. We've created this recipe list of alternatives so you can have the comfort of these dishes without the calories. There are a few ways you can make noodles and strips the cheapest being with your knife & slicing finely or by using your vegetable peeler. We purchased a relatively cheap spiralizer which was super effective and easy to use (picture below). You could also use a mandoline or perhaps a food processor depending on the attachments yours comes with. We've given different [more]

Beginner Mini Power Band Toning

Beginner Mini Power Band ToningGood morning Get Leaners, Coach Prue here! This month I am excited to be bringing you another mini band workout. This workout is aimed at beginners to lower intermediate level and is an excellent routine to help you to progress to our more advanced mini band workouts. It's also great for those with knee problems because the exercises are designed to target all your problem areas without putting strain on sore knees. There are 3 different ways this workout can be done: Total Beginners - go through all the exercises in one big circuit once. Specific Focus – go through the exercises twice for the body [more]