Sunrise & Sunset Yoga Routines: June 2017

Sunrise & Sunset Yoga Routines: June 2017Hello my lovelies! On my Facebook Lives recently I've been talking a lot about managing stress in our lives. Stress raises cortisol levels which makes us more prone to gaining weight. Not to mention stress affects our sleep, moods and energy. As our hormones change we become more sensitive to the impact of stress. We tend to feel more anxious about things that didn't bother us before.  When confronted with difficult situations our sympathetic nervous system activates the stress response (fight or flight). After the stressful event is over our parasympathetic nervous system restores balance (slows our heart rate and breathing). The key to managing stress in [more]

Vegan Bean Stew (Lunch): June 2017

Vegan Bean Stew (Lunch): June 2017 Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or simply love to have at least one meat free meal per week, you will adore this fast & tasty recipe. It's very versatile too. If you don't like spicy food then simply leave out the chilli powder, it will still be delicious. This is a lunch recipe that can be eaten alone or used in a Get Lean Goddess Bowl as the protein portion. This recipe makes a generous quantity which is another reason I love it so much. You can freeze in individual portions to have on hand for busy days. We love [more]

Granola Snack Bar: May 2017

Granola Snack Bar: May 2017 A lovely crunchy little snack bar to enjoy with a cuppa! Quick and easy to make and much healthier than the sugar laden muesli/granola bars available at the supermarket. These are so delicious I've had to keep them stored in the freezer to stop the family eating them all in one go :)   Granola Snack Bar (16 pieces)   Ingredients: 4 tablespoons organic butter or extra virgin coconut oil ¼ cup sweetener (honey, rice malt syrup or pure maple syrup) 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 cup rolled oats (Gluten free options: quinoa flakes, rice flakes or rolled millet but you may need to increase the quantity slightly) 1 [more]

Advanced Full Body Chair Workout (May 2017)

Advanced Full Body Chair Workout (May 2017)Hey Everyone! This month I am excited to bring you a special workout I created especially for Get Leaner Susan's visit to New Zealand. Some of you may remember our recent interview re her Hashimoto's journey and Get Lean (see below). Autoimmune conditions are challenging, however Susan is testament to the fact that despite having to do things a little differently to get results you can look and feel great. This is an Advanced Follow-Along Routine designed to workout the full body. You'll get a sweat up plus build lean muscle in all the places that matter most (butt, legs, core and arms). Please post your feedback [more]

Cauliflower Rice or Cauliflower Mash: April 2017

Cauliflower Rice or Cauliflower Mash: April 2017 A lovely warming bowl of rice or potato mash is very comforting food but not a good option at dinner time when we're trying to Get Lean. Try these delightful and healthy alternatives with your casseroles or as a side to your proteins. Experiment with some of the flavor options to find your favorite & please post below any others that you enjoy!  Cauliflower Rice or Cauliflower Mash (Makes approximately 3-4 cups) Cauliflower Rice: 5 cups cauliflower florets (5-6 cups once grated) 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive or coconut oil ¼ cup water or low salt stock   Directions: 1. Using a box grater, food processor or knife, chop or grate [more]

Exercise Technique: Getting Started

Exercise Technique: Getting StartedHi Everyone! Lovely Coach Maree requested we put together a series of coaching videos focusing on Exercise Technique. And Get Leaner Lauren kindly agreed to help us out! Thank you Lauren :) We've filmed a series of short coaching videos below. I will be taking you step-by-step through all the key points on good technique for each exercise.  Even if you're Intermediate or Advanced these will serve as a good refresher and you may pick up some new tips. If you find these useful please let me know and we'll add to the series over the coming months.  Any question please post in the forum or below!   Note [more]