Savory Mince: Lunch (September 2018)

Savory Mince: Lunch (September 2018)   This savory mince recipe is super simple and is the exact way my grandma taught me to make it. You can always jazz it up with your choices of herbs (fresh or dried) if you like but even without any further additions this is delicious. You can make this in bulk and portion out for the week or freeze. As always we love to hear any feedback you have :) Savory Mince (Makes approx. 6 cups)   Ingredients: 500g (1lb) extra lean beef mince 1 medium brown onion, diced (approx. 1 cup) 4 cups reduced/low salt beef stock (broth) 1 cup water 4 cups mixed diced vegetables (your choice: carrot, [more]

Mini Power Band Toning Workout (August 2018)

Mini Power Band Toning Workout (August 2018)Hello, Get Leaners, this month Coach Prue has put together a challenging full body toning routine using the mini power bands. This workout laser targets all the trouble zones!! It's for Intermediate to Advanced levels (Beginners check out next month’s workout). Here are four ways to do this workout and feel free to add on the Butt Blaster or Core Cruncher after any other Get Lean Workout. 1. Time Saver/Intermediate: Once through of Lower Body and Upper Body Circuit 2. Advanced: Twice through Lower Body, Twice through Upper Body 3. Advanced with Butt Focus: Twice through Lower Body, Once through Upper & Core circuit plus twice through Butt Blaster 4. [more]

Butter Chicken: Dinner August 2018

Butter Chicken: Dinner August 2018   Who doesn't love a great Indian dish & butter chicken is a classic! However it's often not the healthiest of choices. This is a Get Lean friendly version so you can enjoy this delicious dish once more. Don't be put off by the long ingredient list as mostly it's spices which just need to be added in. This is surprisingly quick and easy to make. I love this dish and would love to hear how you enjoy it too :) Butter Chicken (Makes 6 serves of 1 cup) Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of organic unsalted butter (or ghee) or coconut oil 1 medium size brown onion, diced 4 [more]

Get Lean Granola Dust: Breakfast July 2018

Get Lean Granola Dust: Breakfast July 2018 Our lovely Get Lean Coach Prue has put together this delicious Get Lean Granola Dust recipe for us this month together with a bonus pancake recipe. She has included many ingredients that are beneficial to women over 40. We'll outline some of them and their benefits below. This is a simple recipe but it has a wide variety of ways it can be used, Prue has given us just a few examples at the end of her recipe. Prue's favorite time to utilize this recipe is during winter when her body is craving healthy fats. Please let us know how you use [more]

Yoga For Stress & Anxiety

Yoga For Stress & AnxietyHi Everyone! This month our Get Lean Yoga Instructor Ali is back after having her first baby (you'll see a little video of Indigo below). We've filmed two powerful routines to help reduce stress and anxiety. As our hormones change we become a lot more stress-sensitive. Little things tend to bother us more, we feel out of sorts and on edge. This chronic underlying stress messes with our hormones and increases cortisol which makes us gain weight, and makes it hard to lose. And this all contributes to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. By rebalancing our body and reducing cortisol we not only feel a lot better - it's becomes easier to [more]

Get Lean Barre 1 (June 2018)

Get Lean Barre 1 (June 2018)This month we have an exciting new first ever Get Lean Barre Workout brought to us by Lotty who many of you know from our previous interviews and routines. Barre workouts use movements derived from ballet. Instead of using the traditional wooden bar attached to the wall we'll be using a chair. The exercises use both the full range of motion and smaller, pulsing movements. Good form, correct body position and engaging the core are really important - so pay close attention to Lotty's explanation re the correct technique for each move. This routine is fantastic for toning and firming the legs, butt and tummy. You'll also [more]