Get Lean Granola Dust: Breakfast July 2018

Get Lean Granola Dust: Breakfast July 2018 Our lovely Get Lean Coach Prue has put together this delicious Get Lean Granola Dust recipe for us this month together with a bonus pancake recipe. She has included many ingredients that are beneficial to women over 40. We'll outline some of them and their benefits below. This is a simple recipe but it has a wide variety of ways it can be used, Prue has given us just a few examples at the end of her recipe. Prue's favorite time to utilize this recipe is during winter when her body is craving healthy fats. Please let us know how you use [more]

Yoga For Stress & Anxiety

Yoga For Stress & AnxietyHi Everyone! This month our Get Lean Yoga Instructor Ali is back after having her first baby (you'll see a little video of Indigo below). We've filmed two powerful routines to help reduce stress and anxiety. As our hormones change we become a lot more stress-sensitive. Little things tend to bother us more, we feel out of sorts and on edge. This chronic underlying stress messes with our hormones and increases cortisol which makes us gain weight, and makes it hard to lose. And this all contributes to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. By rebalancing our body and reducing cortisol we not only feel a lot better - it's becomes easier to [more]

Get Lean Barre 1 (June 2018)

Get Lean Barre 1 (June 2018)This month we have an exciting new first ever Get Lean Barre Workout brought to us by Lotty who many of you know from our previous interviews and routines. Barre workouts use movements derived from ballet. Instead of using the traditional wooden bar attached to the wall we'll be using a chair. The exercises use both the full range of motion and smaller, pulsing movements. Good form, correct body position and engaging the core are really important - so pay close attention to Lotty's explanation re the correct technique for each move. This routine is fantastic for toning and firming the legs, butt and tummy. You'll also [more]

Crumbed Chicken and 2 Way Rainbow Salad (Dinner): June 2018

Crumbed Chicken and 2 Way Rainbow Salad (Dinner): June 2018   This months recipe is a family friendly, healthy version of crumbed chicken and an alternative to traditional coleslaw. I've given quite a few options with ingredients for this recipe so you can adapt it to suit your tastes and ingredients you might already have at home. Enjoy & as always I love to know how this recipe goes for you:) Note: this contains a very small amount of starch from the flour which won't affect your results on the program. If you prefer you can use coconut or almond flour instead. Crumbed Chicken and 2 Way Rainbow Salad ( Makes approx. 4 serves) Crumbed Chicken [more]

Low Impact Cardio & Gentle Full Body Toning (May 2018)

Low Impact Cardio & Gentle Full Body Toning (May 2018)Hi Wonderful Ladies, Coach Haida here :) I am very excited to share this month's workout of the month with the Get Lean family. I have designed a follow-along freestyle low-impact cardio/aerobic workout combined with a toning routine followed by stretching. It is a 3-in -1 workout, perfect for beginners packed with loads of fun and sweat! I used to go to the aerobics classes regularly in my teens and was very inspired by the instructor on the stage. I thought to myself "She is having so much fun on the stage, teaching the moves to the music and inspiring everyone. I want [more]

Overnight Buckwheat Bircher: Breakfast May 2018

Overnight Buckwheat Bircher: Breakfast May 2018   Buckwheat groats are a fantastic gluten free substitute for steel cut oats or even if you don't require gluten free it's always nice to have another option to try. I prefer to soak my groats before eating them as I find if I don't they can have a bitter after taste. It's not 100% necessary if you are short for time but I think it makes a nicer flavor if you do soak them first. This is a simple yet satisfying breakfast to start your day well :) Overnight Buckwheat Bircher ( Makes 2 serves)   Ingredients: ½ cup pre-soaked buckwheat groats (also called buckwheat [more]