Low Impact Cardio & Gentle Full Body Toning (May 2018)

Low Impact Cardio & Gentle Full Body Toning (May 2018)Hi Wonderful Ladies, Coach Haida here :) I am very excited to share this month's workout of the month with the Get Lean family. I have designed a follow-along freestyle low-impact cardio/aerobic workout combined with a toning routine followed by stretching. It is a 3-in -1 workout, perfect for beginners packed with loads of fun and sweat! I used to go to the aerobics classes regularly in my teens and was very inspired by the instructor on the stage. I thought to myself "She is having so much fun on the stage, teaching the moves to the music and inspiring everyone. I want [more]

Overnight Buckwheat Bircher: Breakfast May 2018

Overnight Buckwheat Bircher: Breakfast May 2018   Buckwheat groats are a fantastic gluten free substitute for steel cut oats or even if you don't require gluten free it's always nice to have another option to try. I prefer to soak my groats before eating them as I find if I don't they can have a bitter after taste. It's not 100% necessary if you are short for time but I think it makes a nicer flavor if you do soak them first. This is a simple yet satisfying breakfast to start your day well :) Overnight Buckwheat Bircher ( Makes 2 serves)   Ingredients: ½ cup pre-soaked buckwheat groats (also called buckwheat [more]

Buns Of Steel (Power Band Workout)

Buns Of Steel (Power Band Workout)Hi beautiful ladies! When Bel approached the coaches for a power band workout, I got really excited and put my hands up and told her I have something great and exciting to share! I use the power band all the time; when I travel, as a pre-workout routine, for rehabilitation, as a mobility workout and even for one solid workout by itself. The following workout that I am about to share with you all is one of the contributors to a very strong squat and deadlift in my Powerlifting journey. It has definitely brought great strength and definition to my legs [more]

Get Lean Vegetarian Lasagne: Lunch or Dinner April 2018

Get Lean Vegetarian Lasagne: Lunch or Dinner April 2018 I know many of you have been waiting with plenty of anticipation for this Vegetarian Lasagne and I'm confident you're going to love it! Super tasty and it makes a regular size lasagne dish which means with any luck you should have some leftovers to keep you going during the week (if you can stop your family/friends demolishing the lot!). Enjoy and as always please let us know what you think, we love to hear from you :) Get Lean Vegetarian Lasagne (Serves 8 )   Ingredients: 2 large eggplant (aubergine), sliced lengthways 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 onion, diced 2-3 teaspoons crushed garlic 8-9 cups diced non starchy vegetables [more]

Suspension Band Mix & Match Workout (March 2018)

Suspension Band Mix & Match Workout (March 2018)Hello Everyone! This month Bel and I have put together a very fun and effective Mix and Match Suspension Gym Workout. I love using the suspension gym as part of my workouts as it allows me to workout at my own level, I can very easily adjust my body position to make exercises more challenging or easier if needed. I also love that in most exercises I am working multiple muscles with a strong focus on core stability and strength. We are always technique focused and using the suspension gym is no different, please take the time to get your body into [more]

Suspension Band Lower Body Workout

Suspension Band Lower Body Workout Technique Demonstration The Workout To Download the Memory Jogger PDF Click Here <<< To Download the Workout Video Click Here <<< The Exercises [more]