How to “Walk the Plank” (In & Out of the Gym!)


Today I want to talk about those stressful “walk the plank” type situations in life, where it’s hard to be calm and focused and you dread what’s ahead. I’m using the term “plank” because one of the exercises I often use with my personal training clients (see for my free abs program). But there’s […]

Do You Offer Yourself Rewards… Or Punishment?


Did you ever notice that sometimes you can set a goal and meet it without offering yourself a reward or threatening yourself with punishment? In that case, the intrinsic rewards – such as the good feelings that come with achieving a goal – are enough to keep you going.

Over 40 Female Fat Loss


My good friend and female fat loss expert, Shawna K, has such a passion for women in and approaching their 40’s. Lucky for me that she’s willing to share her experience with my readers. Below is a compilation of the most common questions she gets regarding women, menopause, fitness and fat loss.