Email from a “Get Leaner”!


I have so many incredible people on my Get Lean Program and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you emailing me your success stories! Even though I am super busy creating new programs and building my Aussie Transformation Coach site – I still make time to answer you personally, because at […]

Losing those last few pounds (the agony, angst & answers)


Are you struggling to lose that last bit of body fat? You would not believe how many emails I get a week about this! When you are trying to break through a fat loss plateau or get extra lean it’s normal for the rate of fat loss to slow down and the things we have […]

Think Lean – Get Lean (my mind control story)


When I was 29-years-old I was the National Training Manager of Shiseido cosmetics Australia. I had just finished my first year in my new senior management position and went into my first ever performance appraisal, eager to hear all about what I had done welland how I could improve. But Mr. Isejima my Japanese boss […]