The Mystery of Cellulite (Solved)


Have you ever been going along your own sweet little way in life, when suddenly you are hit like a ton of bricks with a shocking realization? Not fun.

Habits That Last a Lifetime


Let this sink in for a moment: The decisions you make today will affect what tomorrow holds for you. I know what you’re thinking: “Thank you, Captain Obvious!”  But hear me out…

Should You Be Eating Organic Foods?

Organic Fruit Vegetables

You eat clean.  You work out.  And you avoid putting toxins in your body like cigarette smoke.  So it’s fair to say you take good care of yourself. But let me ask you this: Is your food as “clean” as you think it is?

Women’s Top 10 Results-Robbing Training Mistakes

Woman Jogging

Are you making the most common training mistakes?  If so, you’re probably robbing yourself of great results. Read on to discover how to avoid these mistakes and start achieving better results with less time in the gym…

Breathe Right – Build Muscle Right


You already know that your weight-lifting results depend on what exercises you do, you number of sets and reps you perform, whether you’re using correct form, if you’re eating right, and how much rest you get. But here’s one factor many people overlook: Breathing.

Your Dreams & Dealing with the Unexpected.


By now you have probably realized, life doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes it feels like the moment we set our sights on achieving our dreams – things go to sh*t. Don’t be discouraged! Often this is a sign you are on the right path to amazing things.

Overcoming Set Backs While Traveling (plus ab workout video)


Being out of your normal environment can make working out and eating healthy really hard. All those tempting foods, socializing and no access to a gym can play havoc with your body – and with your discipline!

BCAAs: Amazing Amino Acids or Kidney-Killing Nightmares?


It’s no secret that bodybuilders and others who lift weights spend a lot of time talking about protein.  Maybe we even obsess over it a bit.  I mean who else gets so excited when we see a new tub of whey coming in the mail from