April 2012: Get Lean Breakfast Gluten Free Protein Muffins


If you are on the run for breakfast or pushed for time, substitute one of these nutrition packed and delicious muffins once or twice a week! They can be wrapped individually and frozen. Right click here and “Save As” so download the recipe: Get Lean Breakfast Protein Muffins  

Belinda’s Transformation: 2012 Photoshoot


Postcard from Australia (kangaroo recipe and seminar videos)!

Kangaroo dish

G’day from Australia! Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been busy catching up with family in NZ, old friends on the Gold Coast Australia, presenting at seminars in Sydney and Melbourne and enjoying beach time in Adelaide with my Mum! It’s been a huge challenge eating on the road and keeping up my workouts – […]

What’s Up? 2012 Update (photoshoots, workouts, NZ & Australia)!


Welcome to 2012! By now you have hopefully eaten all your Christmas goodies, celebrated New Year, had your vacation and are probably wondering how to get back on track – fast! Watch my short video below for a quick update on what I have been up to behind the scenes preparing to help you achieve […]

Laser Focus


Expert Audio Interview: How To Stay On Track No Matter What Life Throws Your Way
Discover the secrets to overcoming life’s common obstacles to stay on track and achieve your goals. Featuring America’s Optimism Coach, Lucy Beal, Exercise Physiologist Joey Atlas and myself.

Unleash the Body You Want


How to Reverse Negative Self-Talk & Emotional Eating

Think Lean – Get Lean


Self-Affirmation Audio The simple truth is that negative thinking often undermines weight loss. Here I give you my secrets to being more positive, confident and in control. You will be empowered to make the changes you always dreamt of. • Simple techniques for dealing with the negative, depressing and sad thoughts that lead to emotional […]