The Magic of Motivation: Two Week Transformation Part 1


If you’ve ever felt like not getting out of bed – staying home all day, having a good cry and eating ice cream on the couch…or your version of that….then you know what it’s like to feel UNMOTIVATED. And you know how powerful that emotion (if left to run riot in your head) can be […]

Back Pain, Sleep Quality and Your Body


There’s been many times in my life that sleep became an issue for me.  I resorted to all sorts of supplements and even medication to get me through.  I know first hand, how horrendous the effects of poor sleep or even extended nights and months of no sleep can be.  It wears you down bit […]

The No. 1 Aphrodisiac for Sex, Skin and Body Sculpting


Today we are having a girl talk.  You know, the sister-to-sister kind of chat. I have some very juicy stuff to share that could give you some surprising results! If you have been following my blogs you know I just got back from spending time with my sister in New Zealand.  We are very close, […]

My 2 Week Transformation for Burned Out Bodies!


If you have ever been stuck in a rut with your fitness routine, felt burned out, been tempted to give up……or frustrated with not seeing progress? Then keep reading! After a crazy start to my year – I recently hit the wall and decided some radical proactive action was needed.  Let me tell you what […]

Mental Toughness: The Hidden Secret to Success


“Mental Toughness” - a term commonly used by coaches, sport psychologists and business leaders – that describes the attributes which allow us to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence. In this video I share how developing mental toughness changed my life forever…and how you can do it too!

Getting Started With Stretching: 6 Basic Exercise Ball Stretches


In this video I share some basic beginner stretches to improve your range of motion, minimize your risk of injury, increase your flexibility and reduce stress! Remember: 1. Hold the stretches for 30 seconds 2. Do this after your workout and/or on it’s own – in the morning to ease sore muscles, during the day […]

Asymmetrical Variance Training


Here’s a little insight into an advanced body development training system: Asymmetrical Variance Training. Asymmetrical Variance creates deeper and faster muscle stimulation to produce changes to your body in shorter amounts of time – and with less stress and strain on your body. AV allows you to take a basic body-weight exercise, such as the […]

April 2012: Get Leaner Questions Answered


Today’s coaching video answers some of the common questions about the Get Lean Program: 1. How to combine the Bodyweight Fat Burning and Resistance Re-Shaping workouts. 2. What is the correct sequence for the workouts. 3. Should you be doing sets or circuits? 4. How to progress through the program. 5. How does HIIT fit […]

Calvin Klein Obliques


One of my passions in life is discovering how the body can be re-shaped through exercise.  So today I want to share with you my Calvin Klein Oblique Workout.  This was born out of experimentation and discovery with my my clients of all shapes and sizes and ages. We decided, that for many women, while […]

April 2012: The Bodyweight Timesaver Power Workout


Hello everyone! Here is April’s Workout Challenge :) Believe it or not, my life is hectic also and finding time to squeeze my workouts in isn’t always easy. The last few months before launching ATC I was doing bodyweight workouts in my bedroom as I prepared for my January 2012 photoshoot. I think the photos […]

Giving 100%, No Regrets & Not Scratching That Itch!


Welcome to everyone who joined this very special week – the launch of ATC and my birthday lol!! I am excited beyond words to be finally able to give you the support, guidance and coaching you need to achieve the body you have always wanted. Yesterday I recorded this short motivational message for you from […]