Reverse Crunch Modification for Neck & Lower Back Issues


If you find the reverse crunch bothers your neck or lower back – here’s a modification that will help. It will not only strengthen your core but also your lower back. It’s also a great post-pregnancy exercises to help regain muscle strength and flatten your tummy. Comments or questions? Please post below!

If It Is To Be….It’s Up To Me!


If you’ve been following my journey you’ll know I am leaving Panama this Wednesday after living here for 7 years. I recorded this little video yesterday sharing how I use positive self-talk to help me through challenging times like this!

June 2012: Sexy Arms Workout!


Toned, beautifully shaped shoulder are….SEXY.  Even if your delts have never seen the light of day…there is hope!  Training your upper body requires a little bit of mental grunt for us girls…we are not as strong as guys in our arms, chest or back…but with a little focus and dedication you will see results to […]

June 2012: Get Lean Waldorf Chicken Salad (Dinner)


The Waldolf Salad was first created in the late 1800′s at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. If you’re like me, memories of this salad in my past eating lives are not great (think salad bars)…but recently I discovered that this salad makes eating chicken breast..divine! Recipe Portions (8-10 Servings) 10 small chicken breasts […]