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December 2012: Leg Toning Workout 2 (6 Power Moves)


This month I’ve got Part 2 of my Leg Toning Series for you! These are 6 Power Moves that will deeply stimulate the muscles fibers to firm, tone and smooth your legs from the inside out. Combined with Leg Toning Workout 1 they make an incredibly complete and highly effective program for targeting the trouble […]

How To Hit The Ground Running in 2013!


Hey everyone! As Christmas and the New Year are approaching, I decided to film this short motivational video message to help get you through the next couple of weeks and hit the ground running in 2013!   Quick summary of the key points I mention in the video…..   1. Dealing With Social Pressures Don’t […]

HIIT Made Simple


  You know I am a big fan of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because it has heaps of benefits over regular steady state cardio: 1. Burns fat not muscle 2. Leans you down while sculpting the body 3. Raises your fat burning metabolism 4. More time efficient 5. Less stressful on tendons and joints Watch […]

How Hormones Effect Your Body Fat And What You Can Do About It


As you go about your weight loss diet plan, one thing that you need to take into account is the role that hormones are going to play on your progress. Many people completely overlook the fact that their hormonal levels will impact the way that they look, feel, as well as function. Eating right for […]

December 2012: Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Spinach Quinoa Tart (Lunch)


I am often asked for nutritious lunches that can be prepared in advance and taken to work or for when you are not at home to cook something. This recipe is the perfect option for busy people on the go (that’s most us isn’t it, lol!) . This scrumptious tart can be made at the beginning […]