January 2013: 8×8 Core Challenge


This month I’m bringing you a kick-butt Core Challenge! If you’re looking for a dedicated abs workout – then this is it.  It’s ideal to add in on your HIIT or cardio days. My challenge to you is this: do these 8 unique and powerful exercises, 3 times a week for 8 weeks and see […]

January 2013: Zesty Chickpeas

Zesty Chickpeas 1

Hi everyone, it’s Meegan here! The New Year is here & a lot of us would be focusing on improving our eating, perhaps after a little indulging over the holiday season (I know I am, lol!). So when Belinda was asked about nut substitutions through the forum (Click here if you would like to read […]

What Basic Cooking Tools Do You Need In Your Kitchen?


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, one of the keys to healthy eating is to cook for yourself. But the problem is, cooking can feel like a chore. And that’s especially true if your kitchen doesn’t have the equipment you need to make meals fast and easy.