It’s My Birthday & You Get The Presents!


Hi everyone, today I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your loyalty to ATC and me :) My mission this year is to keep expanding your membership benefits and I have some exciting developments under way the first of which I’ll be announcing later this week. As promised, here’s a very special […]

March 2013 Bonus: Nice Ass Workout


If you’re offended by the word “ass” I apologize but here’s the story…. Last Saturday I was running along Brighton Beach, South Australia when a car slowed down.  A young Aussie bloke rolled down the window, lent out, and in the broadest accent yelled….. “NICE ASS”! Welcome back to Oz Bel! To my surprise, I […]

March 2013: Power HIIT


Hi everyone! I just finished filming a kick-butt HIIT Workout for you guys this month.  I was so inspired by the setting as you’ll see. Up in the bush behind my Mum’s home, I found a fantastic wooden bench amongst the gum trees. Your goal is to have a good sweat going, raise your heart […]

Discover Your Potential!


Hi everyone, I just finished recording a fantastic HIIT Workout for March, I’ll be posting it later this week. Afterwards, on the spur of the moment filmed this short motivational message for you! I hope it encourages you to not settle for second best and keep believing you can have the body you deserve!