April 2013: Master Class – Lower Body Tighten, Tone & Define


This month I’m bringing you the very first of our Master Class Coaching Sessions! Firstly, a huge thank you to Mandi and Nic – two Get Leaners from Adelaide who participated in this video and did an awesome job. I was blown away by how they worked together and when you watch it I think […]

How To Skip Like A Pro!


Skipping or Jump Rope is a fantastic way to dramatically increase your cardio vascular fitness and burn fat. It’s an incredibly efficient workout and just a few minutes skipping prior to each workout will see big changes in your fitness level and conditioning. Skipping will also improve your coordination, reaction time and endurance. Starting out, […]

April 2013: Workout Protein Power Bar (gluten free)

Workout bars1

Well you’ve been asking for it & we have delivered! This months recipe is a protein packed slice that you can use as a substitute to your pre or post workout shake up to 2 to 3 times per week. We still recommend you utilise the protein shakes to get the variety of nutrients from […]

How to Prepare Foods the Healthy Way


You’ve heard me say plenty of times that you need to choose whole, unprocessed foods, while avoiding the processed, packaged items.  This step alone will make anything you cook more healthy.  But the way you prepare your foods is also going to impact the nutritional value of the end result. Use leans cuts of meat.  […]

ATC Private: Members Only Progress Pics


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