May 2013: 30-Minute Power-Blast Workout


Get ready to rumble!  This month I’ve prepared a kick-butt full-body workout to help you burn a ton of calories, burn fat and build muscle – all in 30 minutes. This is ideal for when time is tight and you need to squeeze the most out of your workout time. Your goal is to maintain […]

Bodyweight Workouts: Benefits For Strength Gains And Body Sculpting


  If you’re looking to increase your strength level and sculpt your body, performing some bodyweight workouts might be something that you’ll want to consider. Bodyweight workouts are very often completely overlooked by those seeking strength building results in favour of heavyweight dumbbells and barbells but there are many benefits to bodyweight workouts that you […]

May 2013: Get Lean Pancakes


Who doesn’t love freshly cooked pancakes! This month we came up with the simplest recipe we could to make delicious yet nutritious pancakes. This is a breakfast that seems extremely indulgent & it is when it comes to taste but not so when it comes to calories. Stack them high & enjoy with family & […]