Eating for Optimum Muscle Development


Most people know you can’t just stuff yourself with junk food and expect your muscles to magically grow.  And yet a lot of people aren’t completely sure how to eat for maximum muscle growth.  That’s why I’ve prepared these tips for eating for optimum muscle development… Eat Close to Nature You can be doing everything […]

June 2013: Low-Impact Lower-Body

limplb copy

This month I’ve recorded a brand new joint-friendly “low-impact”, lower-body workout. Whereas, high-impact exercises involve dynamic movements like running and jumping (that put stress on the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons) low-impact exercise, is gentler to the body. But low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity. If done correctly, you can still achieve great […]

June 2013: Get Lean Vegetarian Menu


We love giving our ATC members what they really want. How do we know what you want? Through your feedback & suggestions! Many thanks this month to Amanda & Cheryl, ATC members who had suggestions for recipes which we have now put together for everyone to share. This month we have created a one day […]