November 2013: Lunchtime Chicken, Lentil & Kale Soup


Many of you have told us how much you love the Get Lean soups. They are filling, nutritious and easy to prepare in large batches for freezing or storing in the fridge for weekday lunches. So this month we decided to add to the Get Lean soup recipe collection. We’ve come up with a satisfying […]

Abs Versus Core: What Is The Difference


When you hear the word ‘ab’ workout, what comes to mind? What about when you hear someone telling you that they’re going to be doing a ‘core’ workout? Many people often don’t really understand what the differences are between these two types of workouts and tend to use the words interchangeably. Let’s go over what […]

October 2013: Power Band Body Toning


By request, this month I’ve filmed a full body toning workout using the amazing Power Band. Over the years I’ve experimented with tons of bands – for my own training and with my clients.  I’ve always found they have limits and haven’t brought much beyond what I can achieve with the variety of exercises we […]

Don’t Burn Out!


Your Health is Number 1!

October 2013: Knee Strengthening Circuit


I know many of you (myself included) run regularly.  While it’s not my first choice for cardio, I do love running along the beach.  But I’ve noticed that running (especially on hard surfaces like pavement) does put a lot of wear and tear on your joints, especially your knees. Knee pain can really interfere with […]