Christmas Survival Guide


Download the Christmas-New Year Survival Guide Here <<<< Here are some of my best tips for getting through the next few weeks so you can hit the ground running in the New Year. I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short and focused on the nitty-gritty essentials. I’ve seen a few Christmases since I […]

Time-Saver Lower Body: December 2013


I’ve been busy experimenting with some new moves and this month I’m bringing you a stellar lower body workout!  Not only does it help you save time when you’re struggling to keep up with a busy schedule but it’s incredibly effective.  I was surprised how sore I was just after filming the workout – in […]

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Time Saver Abs & Obliques: Advanced (November 2013)


This workout combines my favorite ab and oblique exercises to make up a super efficient and effective routine.  When done in a concentrated and focused way, you can get a great ab workout in under 20 minutes. The secret is not to cheat yourself.  If you’re going to workout – then give 110% and commit […]

Time Saver Abs & Core: Beginner (November 2013)


This workout is especially designed for those of you who find my regular ab and core Workouts difficult.  If this workout is too easy, try swapping out some of the easier exercises for those that you can do from my regular workouts. This workout will begin the process of strengthening those deep abdominal muscles to […]

Time Saver Upper Body: Advanced (November 2013)


G’day!  Very excited to bring you one of my favorite upper body workouts.  I’ve been doing this consistently for the last six months – with variations.  I’m  amazed how it consistently hits all the right muscles and gets me a little sore the next day: without having to do a long workout or kill yourself. […]

Time Saver Upper Body: Beginner (November 2013)


This is a great workout if you lack upper body strength and need to firm up. When I first got started, I was very weak in my arms and back (as I share in the video).  But over time, as I stuck with it – I got stronger and to my surprise everything started to […]