February 2014: Salmon with Turkish Salsa (Dinner)

ROM Feb 2014

  I love using fresh ingredients & in particular fresh herbs. Adding fresh herbs to any dish can turn it from basic to amazing! Try this delicious & simple recipe, you’ll be surprised how just a few ingredients can taste so fantastic,  the mint really gives it a super fresh taste.

January 2014: Spiced Yoghurt Marinated Chicken (Dinner)


Super quick, super easy plus super delicious, what more could you ask for? Versatile? Yes this recipe covers that too! Marinating your meat is a great way to add intense flavour, tenderise your meat and help to keep it moist.  There are a couple of  tips that are really important when marinating meat: 1. Always […]

Kick-Butt Full Body Burn: January 2014


To help you hit the ground running this year, I’ve created a powerful workout designed to burn off the holiday fat while toning your full body. You’ll notice that it’s a little faster in tempo than usual and it includes strength training intervals that alternate dynamic exercises with slower body toning moves. This is the […]