Lower Body Add-On Booster: May 2014


Hey Everyone! Here’s a little extra bonus this month; a quick but powerful routine that you can add on to any of my workouts as a little lower body booster.  This is always done at the end of your workout – when your lower body is fatigued in order to achieve optimal benefits.  More than […]

Workstation Recovery Workout: May 2014


If you’re like me – you probably spend too much time in front of the computer, sitting or bent over working at a desk.  Despite our best intentions (and our fitness routine) this is far from ideal for good posture.  Over time, bad posture creates a ripple effect with our health and sense of wellbeing. […]

My Personal Challenge – What’s Yours?


We all have personal challenges that need to be overcome as part of the journey to the best we can be. I share one of mine here….in the hope it encourages you.     See the Workstation Recovery Workout Here <<<

Quinoa Breakfast Frittata: May 2014

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  I just love a hot breakfast & one of my favorite things to eat are eggs. But having them the same way every day gets a little boring. SO I did some experimenting & came up with this delicious oven baked frittata. Full of flavor & if you have any leftover you can save […]