Customer Support – Meegan

fixed jumpshot

G’day!! I’m Meegan, Belinda’s Customer Support Manager and general right hand girl. I’ve known Belinda since 1995 when we worked as a team in the Australian head office of Shiseido. Yes, I knew the ‘before’ Belinda and I can testify to the huge transformation Bel has undergone. Such an achievement and certainly inspirational. This is […]

Full Body Barbell Training: June 2014


Hi Everyone! This month I’m sharing one of my favorite workouts using the body bar or barbell.  Barbell training is something I’ve personally used for myself and my clients with great results.  I love this type of training because it offers three key benefits: 1. Improves our body symmetry. We all have one side of […]

Korean Beef Noodles (Lunch): June 2014

Ready to add the noodles

  When you think of Asian food, Korean might not be the first that pops into your mind but the use of garlic & sesame in particular, make this a cuisine definitely worth exploring. I enjoyed an exciting holiday in South Korea in 2004 & this dish (traditionally called japchae & served at special occasions) […]