Playground Workouts 3 & 4: October 2014


Hi Everyone! Last month I shared something very different and unique; some playground workouts that I filmed with my good friend Joey Atlas. Here are the next two in the series. Workout 3: Lower Body Workout B Workout 4: Upper Body Workout B I love playground workouts because they get you outside (especially if you have […]

Playground Workouts 1 & 2: September 2014


Hi Everyone! This month and next I have something very special to share.  Very different and unique! Some of you may know that the famous Joey Atlas and I are good friends - and during a visit to NZ a couple of years ago we filmed a series of playground workouts together. Workout 1: Lower Body Workout […]

How To Track Your Super Sexy Skin Transformation


  Your Skin Assessment Checklist r It’s important to assess your skin before you start the program – it will make it easier to measure your progress and see the improvements. Follow the steps below. If you have any questions or need help, please post below or in the forum. r 1. Read the My […]

The REAL Secret For Ageless Skin


  This is something that every woman who cares about the beauty and health of her skin absolutely MUST hear. A big passion of mine is having flawless skin, from top to toe. I went through just about every skin problem there is as both a teenager and adult – from cellulite, to sagging, wrinkling, […]

Super Slow Cooked Chicken (Dinner): September 2014


For me, there is nothing better than the smell of slow cooking food wafting through the house. The smell is so comforting & so are the yummy results, the ultimate comfort food. Since the cold weather kicked in I have been slow cooking like crazy as it’s a convenient, time saving, economical way to have […]