Supercharged Salad (Lunch) : November 2014


  In the Bible for Super Sexy Skin I cover 6 Eating Principles and I outline that there are a number of vitamins, mineral & healthy fats that are necessary to obtaining and maintaining healthy, radiant skin. But how do we go about getting those each & every day?

4 Essential Oils to Improve Mental Clarity, Focus and Energy


Aromatherapy essential oils are featured heavily in the Super Sexy Skin Program for their skin balancing and rejuvenating effects.  But did you know essential oils have tremendous healing, health and wellbeing benefits too? This month I’m sharing 4 of my favorite essential oils that I use to help improve productivity while working at my computer: Frankincense and Rosemary […]

Dynamic Dumbbell Training: November 2014


Hey Everyone, this month…I have a confession :) I’ve been so incredibly busy over the last 6 weeks launching the Super Sexy Skin Program and keeping up with all the exciting developments, that I let my training slip.  OK, I think I did deserve that little celebratory wine and ice-cream…but it’s time to get back on […]