Coconut & Lavender Hot Oil Hair Mask


  Over the years I’ve experimented with tons of home made skincare and hair recipes.  And I’ve had my fair share of disasters….   Like the time I put two mashed bananas through my long, thick hair (supposedly as a natural conditioning treatment). The banana stuck to my hair like super glue…forming little balls on every hair […]

Christmas Spiced Sweet Potato Slice (Baked and No-Bake)


  Hey everyone! It’s Christmas so I thought we all deserved a little treat :) Here are two slices you can make using sweet potato (kumura) or pumpkin.  Sweet potato has a sweeter creamier flavor which works really well, pumpkin is a little nuttier in taste. With these recipes you’ll get a power packed punch of protein, […]

20-Minute HIIT Lower Body: December 2014


It’s the holidays!  I know many of you are super busy with friends, family and general festivities..but it’s times like this our exercise can slip.  A few late nights, a few drinks (!!)…and just the general vibe of relaxing at the end of the year – means squeezing in those workouts becomes a challenge. So… here is […]