Advanced Bodyweight Tabata Challenge: October 2015


This month I’ve put together something super special for you! Sonia, one of our Get Leaners has kindly offered to help me out by demonstrating my new advanced workout based on the principles of Tabata training. Tabata is one of the original HIIT protocols (High Intensity Interval Training). It originated in Japan and has been shown to […]

Thai Chicken Salad (Dinner): October 2015

salad copy

As the weather starts to warm up (in the Southern Hemisphere anyway!) I’ve been thinking about making crunchy, fresh and delicious salads again. This recipe has been made with chicken but you can easily make it vegetarian or change the meat, suggestions are at the bottom of the recipe. 

Leg Toning with Dumbbells: September 2015


Hi Everyone! This month we’re doing something a little different.  A back to basics coaching video on technique.  You know I always emphasize the importance of correct technique, speed, breathing and activating the target muscles. So this month, I’ve created this special coaching video to take you through the finer details of a few foundational moves. […]