Coconut Treat Kisses: December 2015


Christmas is a time for giving and to say a big THANK YOU for being a loyal ATC member I am giving you my special Sinfully Healthy Christmas Treats and Sweets.   Here are a few delicious but super healthy treats you can share with your loved ones this holiday season. I’ve also added links below to […]

Christmas Message: December 2015


Hey Everyone! I appreciate YOU! To say thank you for being a part of Aussie Transformation Coach…I’ve filmed a short message :) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Hug, Bel XO  

Leaner Legs Workout (Starter Version): December 2015


Hi Everyone! This month I’ve put together a fun workout designed to firm and define the lower body. This is the Starter Version which I recommend you begin with if you haven’t done my workouts before or are at the beginner to early intermediate level. Once you’re feeling stronger and more confident then add in some of the moves in the […]

Leaner Legs Workout (Advanced): December 2015


Hi Everyone! This month I’ve put together a special challenge for those of you who’ve been doing my workouts for a while. It includes some new challenging moves and combos especially designed to increase definition and leanness in the lower body. For those of you at the Advanced Level I recommend you invest in two […]

Legs, Abs and Arms Exercise Ball Workout: November 2015


Hi Everyone! This month I’m bringing you something new: a workout that uses the Exercise Ball for every exercise. I wanted to create a new routine for you that: 1. Is fun! 2. Tones some of the harder to reach spots while still getting your heart rate up (burning fat). 3. You can grow into […]