Transforming the Female Body: February 2016 Coaching Webinar


Video Replay February 2016lay     Audio Download  Right Click Here to Download the MP3 Audio File     In this Coaching Webinar the following topics were covered:   Get Lean Philosophy: The Big Picture Get Lean Guiding Principles: Nutrition and Exercise Get Lean Practice: Everyday Tips for Success Question and Answers   Links Mentioned:   […]

Breakfast To Go: February 2016


I know mornings are often the busiest time of the day and breakfast can be a challenge. So we created this recipe to be prepared the night before and quickly finished before you rush out the door. It’s delicious, easy to eat on the run and will keep you very satisfied until mid morning. And we’ve given you plenty […]

Register For February’s Private Coaching Webinar


Click Here To Register for February 2016 Private Coaching Webinar:   Transforming the Female Body <<<   The Philosophy, Principles and Practice of the Get Lean Program     Important Notes.   1. The live webinar will run from 4pm-5pm USA Eastern Standard Time on Saturday 27th of January.  New Zealand time zone will be […]