Super Seed Snack: March 2016


Bodyweight Burn Beginner: March 2016


Hi Everyone! This is a fun and highly effective fat burning workout. I’m going to take you through all the basic moves which I include in many of my routines – so listen closely to my coaching. Focus carefully on the correct technique for each exercise.  Sometimes using a mirror to check helps a lot. At […]

Bodyweight Burn: Advanced (March 2016)


Hi Everyone! This month I have a super effective, fast and fun full body fat burning workout that finishes with a very nice core sequence. This is an advanced routine and involves jumping moves; so if you have knee issues please do not do this workout. Focus carefully on the correct technique for each exercise. Important Notes: One circuit is […]

Knee Recovery Workout With Foam Roller & Power Band (February 2016)


Hi Everyone! This routine is for those who would like to use the foam roller for lower body toning. It’s also ideal for those with knee issues and those who would like to prevent future problems. Often knee problems are due to weakness or imbalances in the stabilizing and supporting muscles (glutes, quads and hamstrings), ligaments or […]