Body Toning Routine: June 2016


 Hi Everyone! This month I have something very special :) I’m sharing my Body Toning Routine which I created as part of my Super Sexy Skin Program. The Body Toning Routine is a gentle fusion of bodyweight movement, yoga, Pilates and stretching. It will stimulate your circulatory system to regenerate and detoxify your skin using gentle, full […]

Pre-Workout Hip Mobility Routine: June 2016


Hey Everyone! This month I filmed a specialized pre-workout routine to help improve hip mobility.   Our hips can become “tight” for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s due to an underlying condition or inflammation, other times it’s as simple as sitting for long periods each day without stretching. Other times long distance running can cause issues. Improving […]



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Coach Prue


Hello Everyone, I am a mum of two beautiful children Marlie and Darcy, who are both under 5 which means I have a lot of experience fitting in workouts and planning healthy meals around busy family life.  Our family also includes my partner Matt and our dog Alfie (a miniature fox terrier).  We are living in the beautiful village of Kirwee […]





Coach Haida


Hi beautiful ladies, my name is Haida and here is my story.. I was born and raised in Singapore to a very interesting mixed heritage; Malay-Indian-Chinese-Afghan background and I can speak 3 different languages fluently. I have an elder brother who is a musician and a sister who owns her own cake shop, a mum […]

Beef & Leek Casserole (Dinner): June 2016


  For those down under, winter has arrived.  And there’s nothing I love more than a slow cooked meal to bring out all the delicious flavors. Super nutritious and easy to prepare. As an added bonus, there’s more than one meal in each batch, so you can stock the freezer for those busy times. There […]