Granola Snack Bar: May 2017


Advanced Full Body Chair Workout (May 2017)


Hey Everyone! This month I am excited to bring you a special workout I created especially for Get Leaner Susan’s visit to New Zealand. Some of you may remember our recent interview re her Hashimoto’s journey and Get Lean (see below). Autoimmune conditions are challenging, however Susan is testament to the fact that despite having […]

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Overcoming Thyroid Challenges: Susan’s “Get Lean” Hashimoto’s Story

Cauliflower Rice or Cauliflower Mash: April 2017

2017 AprROM1

A lovely warming bowl of rice or potato mash is very comforting food but not a good option at dinner time when we’re trying to Get Lean. Try these delightful and healthy alternatives with your casseroles or as a side to your proteins. Experiment with some of the flavor options to find your favorite & please […]

Exercise Technique: Getting Started


Hi Everyone! Lovely Coach Maree requested we put together a series of coaching videos focusing on Exercise Technique. And Get Leaner Lauren kindly agreed to help us out! Thank you Lauren :) We’ve filmed a series of short coaching videos below. I will be taking you step-by-step through all the key points on good technique for […]