Pelvic Floor Workshop: September 2017


Hi Everyone! As a Transformation Coach I know many women suffer from pelvic floor problems. If this is you please be reassured this is surprisingly common (1 in 3 women experience leakage when running or jumping). But this doesn’t mean you just have to accept it as “normal” and “suck it up”. Your pelvic floor supports your internal organs and […]

Steel Cut Oats Bircher (Breakfast): September 2017


  While we love our Get Lean steel cut oats, eating a hot breakfast isn’t always appealing in the warmer weather. So we’ve created this Steel Cut Oats Bircher as a delicious alternative to keep you full all morning. Super quick and easy to prepare (and easy to transport if you need to take it […]

Alternative Latte’s (Snack): August 2017


After seeing how many of our Get Leaners are looking for coffee alternatives we decided to come up with a few delicious options for you. Introducing the Matcha Latte, Turmeric Latte & Cacao Latte. You’re sure to find at least one favorite here! Alternative Latte’s (Serves 1)   Ingredients: 1 cup milk (almond, coconut, full cream […]

Advanced Cardio-Core Challenge (August 2017)


Hello Everyone! This month Coach Prue has created another kick-butt routine.  Prepare yourself for the challenge! This will burn a ton of calories while giving you an amazing core workout.  Please watch Prue’s introduction where she walks you through each exercise and the alternatives.  There’s a lot going on so you’ll need to pay attention plus […]