Power-Glutes Workout (February 2018)


Hey Everyone, Coach Prue here. This month I have created this workout to really target your glute muscles from all angles. You might not know that we have 3 main muscles that make up our glutes, the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus I have tried to hit all muscles with the exercises. This […]

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout (January 2018)


Hey Get Leaners, Coach Prue here! This month I wanted to create an upper body workout that requires only a pair of dumbbells so you can take this workout anywhere. The focus is on triceps, shoulders and back. Please practice the new exercises before you try the workout, make sure you have got your form […]

Coach Prue’s Breakfast Smoothie Bowl: January 2018

Breakfast smoothie bowl

  To go with this month’s awesome workout [Upper Body Dumbbell Workout], Coach Prue has also shared her favourite Breakfast Smoothie Bowl recipe. Super nutritious and delightfully simple this will help you kick start your day!   Coach Prue’s Breakfast Smoothie Bowl (Serves 1)   Ingredients: 1 big handful or 1 cup of leafy green […]