The REAL Secret For Ageless Skin


  This is something that every woman who cares about the beauty and health of her skin absolutely MUST hear. A big passion of mine is having flawless skin, from top to toe. I went through just about every skin problem there is as both a teenager and adult – from cellulite, to sagging, wrinkling, […]

Christmas Survival Guide


Download the Christmas-New Year Survival Guide Here <<<< Here are some of my best tips for getting through the next few weeks so you can hit the ground running in the New Year. I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short and focused on the nitty-gritty essentials. I’ve seen a few Christmases since I […]

March 2013 Bonus: Nice Ass Workout


If you’re offended by the word “ass” I apologize but here’s the story…. Last Saturday I was running along Brighton Beach, South Australia when a car slowed down.  A young Aussie bloke rolled down the window, lent out, and in the broadest accent yelled….. “NICE ASS”! Welcome back to Oz Bel! To my surprise, I […]

The Magic of Motivation: Two Week Transformation Part 1


If you’ve ever felt like not getting out of bed – staying home all day, having a good cry and eating ice cream on the couch…or your version of that….then you know what it’s like to feel UNMOTIVATED. And you know how powerful that emotion (if left to run riot in your head) can be […]

Back Pain, Sleep Quality and Your Body


There’s been many times in my life that sleep became an issue for me.  I resorted to all sorts of supplements and even medication to get me through.  I know first hand, how horrendous the effects of poor sleep or even extended nights and months of no sleep can be.  It wears you down bit […]

The No. 1 Aphrodisiac for Sex, Skin and Body Sculpting


Today we are having a girl talk.  You know, the sister-to-sister kind of chat. I have some very juicy stuff to share that could give you some surprising results! If you have been following my blogs you know I just got back from spending time with my sister in New Zealand.  We are very close, […]

My 2 Week Transformation for Burned Out Bodies!


If you have ever been stuck in a rut with your fitness routine, felt burned out, been tempted to give up……or frustrated with not seeing progress? Then keep reading! After a crazy start to my year – I recently hit the wall and decided some radical proactive action was needed.  Let me tell you what […]

Mission Photoshoot: Belinda’s Bodyweight Challenge! (Video)


Have you any idea how your emails, your blog and facebook comments inspire me? I have been deeply touched by the very personal stories you have shared, your progress and photos. So much so, I decided it was time for me to open up and share some of my personal goals and behind the scenes […]

How to put “Sexy” back into your Butt! (Video)


Today we are talking about a topic very close to my heart, sexy butts! Not many years ago, girls used to ask themselves and their “deer in the headlights” boyfriend, husband or any male who happened to be there at the wrong moment …….

Breakthrough Interview: Marny Gilluly, Female Aerobatic Pilot

Marny Gilluly

Why do I love hearing from you? Because YOUR experiences inspire ME! I am constantly amazed and humbled by your stories. And today, I want to share a powerful and inspiring interview that I did last week with one of my Get Leaners. A little while back I received an email from Marny Gilluly wanting […]

The Mystery of Cellulite: Your Questions ANSWERED! (Video)

Cellulite Muscles

Get Ready! Hang Onto Your Seat! I have some awesome stuff to share. First, thank you for your HUGE response to my Cellulite blog (if you haven’t read it yet or seen all the comments and my answers click here to catch up). This week my inbox has been flooded with emails from people just […]

The Mystery of Cellulite (Solved)


Have you ever been going along your own sweet little way in life, when suddenly you are hit like a ton of bricks with a shocking realization? Not fun.

Your Dreams & Dealing with the Unexpected.


By now you have probably realized, life doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes it feels like the moment we set our sights on achieving our dreams – things go to sh*t. Don’t be discouraged! Often this is a sign you are on the right path to amazing things.

Overcoming Set Backs While Traveling (plus ab workout video)


Being out of your normal environment can make working out and eating healthy really hard. All those tempting foods, socializing and no access to a gym can play havoc with your body – and with your discipline!

Video Interview with Bex Redding (live from London)!


They say life is full of surprises and I really like it when they are good ones! When I suddenly realized Bex Redding (who I featured on my blog last week), lives in London – I knew I had the perfect opportunity to interview her in real life while visiting there for my friends wedding.

How One Women Turned Fear & Disappointment Into Success


Every now and again I get an email that really captures my attention and imagination. Today I want to share one of those with you! Read what came into my Facebook Inbox not long ago:

You’re a Superstar


Maybe today is not your best day. Maybe like me a few things have gone wrong and you’re feeling out of sorts. We all have those days. But imagine for a moment you are a superstar.

Using Your Intuitive Power to Succeed (in and out of the gym)


Have you ever called a friend and they said they were just thinking about you? Or you just knew something was very wrong with someone even though they seemed normal? What about when you walk into a room and sense something is not right.

It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams


Many people don’t know that I never exercised in my life until I took up surfing at age 37 years. Maybe you assumed I had always been into fitness and looked great. NO! I was so unfit I could hardly climb a flight of stairs without being exhausted, puffed out and soaked in sweat! I […]

Become a Freedom Fighter


People often ask me, how did I transform myself from an everyday, conservative executive into being super fit, a surf chic, world traveler, fitness model and business owner?

The Truth About Bodyweight Workouts


If you’re like me, you have been eyeing off bodyweight workout movement with a little skepticism. I mean, how could it really achieve the physique I want….right? Curiosity got the better of me so I contacted one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight workouts, Adam Steer.

A Real Life, Feel Good Story


I admit I’m a sentimentalist. I love real life, feel good stories. I love movies with happy endings. I love to hear how people met and fell in love. I love to share in people’s happiness. And I love to share my good feelings with others. So today I want to share my real life, […]

Pushing Your Envelope


Ever heard of the phrase “Pushing the Envelope”? Meaning: To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries.

Q & A Re: Sugar/Fat/Carbohydrate Addiction and Body Fat


It’s Friday 4.30am in Panamá, Central America where I live and I am up early (again) getting ready to train my clients. But I need to get this out to you today before I go anywhere, so please forgive any typos ahead of time – I am still waking up!

Confessions of an Ex-Sugar Junkie


They say never to judge a book by its cover and when it comes to me – it that couldn’t be truer! People who don’t know me, automatically assume I have been working out all my life, eating well and looking great.

Metabolic Cooking (for dummies)


By now you would know, that although I love to cook – I hate the kitchen. In other words, I would rather be in the gym than washing dishes. And sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience to pull out something new to cook. I know many of you feel the same, so […]

Email from a “Get Leaner”!


I have so many incredible people on my Get Lean Program and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you emailing me your success stories! Even though I am super busy creating new programs and building my Aussie Transformation Coach site – I still make time to answer you personally, because at […]

Losing those last few pounds (the agony, angst & answers)


Are you struggling to lose that last bit of body fat? You would not believe how many emails I get a week about this! When you are trying to break through a fat loss plateau or get extra lean it’s normal for the rate of fat loss to slow down and the things we have […]

Think Lean – Get Lean (my mind control story)


When I was 29-years-old I was the National Training Manager of Shiseido cosmetics Australia. I had just finished my first year in my new senior management position and went into my first ever performance appraisal, eager to hear all about what I had done welland how I could improve. But Mr. Isejima my Japanese boss […]

How to “Walk the Plank” (In & Out of the Gym!)


Today I want to talk about those stressful “walk the plank” type situations in life, where it’s hard to be calm and focused and you dread what’s ahead. I’m using the term “plank” because one of the exercises I often use with my personal training clients (see for my free abs program). But there’s […]

Do You Offer Yourself Rewards… Or Punishment?


Did you ever notice that sometimes you can set a goal and meet it without offering yourself a reward or threatening yourself with punishment? In that case, the intrinsic rewards – such as the good feelings that come with achieving a goal – are enough to keep you going.

Over 40 Female Fat Loss


My good friend and female fat loss expert, Shawna K, has such a passion for women in and approaching their 40’s. Lucky for me that she’s willing to share her experience with my readers. Below is a compilation of the most common questions she gets regarding women, menopause, fitness and fat loss.

It’s time to really let yourself go


Countless times over the past several years I’ve heard people say “I let myself go” during a period of time, as a way to explain why they were out of shape.

Discover your inner diva (for girls only)


There was a time when I would look at strong, confident and independent women and wonder how they did it.

Transformation Secrets: How Tiny Changes Today Can Create Big Results Tomorrow


Do you ever get that “all or nothing” mentality? You know what I’m talking about. If you eat a slice of chocolate cake (and it’s not your free/cheat day), you decide the day is ruined and you go on to eat several more goodies. And then since your nutrition isn’t up to par, you figure […]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow!


It’s no secret that I haven’t always been a fitness model. You see, I used to be like most women. I didn’t exercise when I was younger, mainly because I struggled with asthma. By the time I cruised into my 30’s, I was doing the typical executive desk-job thing. I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. […]

How I get motivated to workout


I remember when I first started training at the gym. Some days it was a real effort to drag myself there after work.

Days when you want to crawl under the covers


Have you ever wanted to hide under the covers and hope the world just goes away?

Has this ever happened to you?


You’re walking down a sidewalk or a hallway and you see a strikingly gorgeous woman or a sexy man approaching from a distance. You are taken in by their charisma, their physique and confidence. When they are finally close enough for you to see their face, you notice they are at least 20 years older […]

Sexy is not a 4 letter word


If you’re like me, there always seemed to be a reason I wasn’t allowed to feel sexy. I was too young, then suddenly too old! I was too church-going, or too professional.

7 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Pain


Today I want to share about how to deal with pain and how it can be a sign that you are doing the right thing. I had childhood asthma and my fear of that exercise-induced pain prevented me from exercising until I was 37 years old. But then something happened…

How to avoid the perfectionism trap


Today I’d like to have a little chat with you about perfectionism. This is a topic that comes up almost every day as I interact with my clients. And I have to confess that it’s something I struggle with as well.

Be Inspired!


We all have our own personal challenges so I wanted to share Donna’s story to help inspire you. When Donna first contacted me I was impressed by her story and her determination. She hurt her back almost 12 months ago and had to stop exercising. But now Donna has to get herself back into shape […]

Surfing and Surrender…


I know it sounds kind of crazy… …A conservative female 37-year-old IT executive with a secret dream to become a surfer.

The one word you should banish from your vocabulary!

You Can Do It

Listen up, because if you stop saying this word, this one thing alone will make a big difference in your life.

Hey, I made it into Muscle Mag!


Muscle Mag in Australia did a profile about me and the article is in their current issue which just hit the stands.