Lower Body Stretching Routine


Confession – I used to hate stretching.  I never stretched, or rarely.  But thanks to a good friend I disciplined myself to start doing this every day and experienced amazing results.  My recovery post training was faster, any niggling muscle pulls or strange pains disappeared, I felt more relaxed and slept better – and my […]

Getting Started With Stretching: 6 Basic Exercise Ball Stretches


In this video I share some basic beginner stretches to improve your range of motion, minimize your risk of injury, increase your flexibility and reduce stress! Remember: 1. Hold the stretches for 30 seconds 2. Do this after your workout and/or on it’s own – in the morning to ease sore muscles, during the day […]

Asymmetrical Variance Training


Here’s a little insight into an advanced body development training system: Asymmetrical Variance Training. Asymmetrical Variance creates deeper and faster muscle stimulation to produce changes to your body in shorter amounts of time – and with less stress and strain on your body. AV allows you to take a basic body-weight exercise, such as the […]