Coach Carly


  Hi team, I’m Carly and I live in Moora, WA. I grew up in country NSW, after completing my degree in Sport and Exercise Science Rehabilitation in 2010 I moved to Perth to study my post graduate diploma in exercise science rehabilitation. I gained accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist and worked in occupational health […]

Coach Rachelle


Hello ladies, Rachelle here! Here’s a little background about me.. I was born in London and lived there until the age of 18, I had met a New Zealander while he was over on his 2 year visa. We got engaged and when his visa ended, I travelled back to NZ with him. I fell […]

Coach Simone


Hi team! I’m Simone and I’m a New Zealand Southerner through and through! I live in Queenstown with my husband (married in 2003) and two busy boys born in 2008 and 2012. Queenstown is an amazing place to call home, we are so fortunate with the beautiful landscape that we live in. It is such […]

Coach Prue


Hello Everyone, I am a mum of two beautiful children Marlie and Darcy, who are both under 5 which means I have a lot of experience fitting in workouts and planning healthy meals around busy family life.  Our family also includes my partner Matt and our dog Alfie (a miniature fox terrier).  We are living in the beautiful village of Kirwee […]

Coach Haida


Hi beautiful ladies, my name is Haida and here is my story.. I was born and raised in Singapore to a very interesting mixed heritage; Malay-Indian-Chinese-Afghan background and I can speak 3 different languages fluently. I have an elder brother who is a musician and a sister who owns her own cake shop, a mum […]

Customer Support – Meegan

fixed jumpshot

G’day!! I’m Meegan, Belinda’s Customer Support Manager and general right hand girl. I’ve known Belinda since 1995 when we worked as a team in the Australian head office of Shiseido. Yes, I knew the ‘before’ Belinda and I can testify to the huge transformation Bel has undergone. Such an achievement and certainly inspirational. This is […]