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Topics Covered: Exercise technique for Romanian Deadlift and Step DownHow to maintain your best body after surgery

Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Cake: February 2018


This month we’ve created yet another way to eat your steel cut oats at breakfast time by baking them into a cake! This makes 16 portions which you can freeze and take with you on the go. It’s chewy and dense so quite filling. Enjoy!   Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Cake (Serves 16)   Ingredients: 2 […]

Power-Glutes Workout (February 2018)


Hey Everyone, Coach Prue here. This month I have created this workout to really target your glute muscles from all angles. You might not know that we have 3 main muscles that make up our glutes, the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus I have tried to hit all muscles with the exercises. This […]

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout (January 2018)


Hey Get Leaners, Coach Prue here! This month I wanted to create an upper body workout that requires only a pair of dumbbells so you can take this workout anywhere. The focus is on triceps, shoulders and back. Please practice the new exercises before you try the workout, make sure you have got your form […]

Coach Prue’s Breakfast Smoothie Bowl: January 2018

Breakfast smoothie bowl

  To go with this month’s awesome workout [Upper Body Dumbbell Workout], Coach Prue has also shared her favourite Breakfast Smoothie Bowl recipe. Super nutritious and delightfully simple this will help you kick start your day!   Coach Prue’s Breakfast Smoothie Bowl (Serves 1)   Ingredients: 1 big handful or 1 cup of leafy green […]

Choose Your Get Lean Coach For 2018!!

Your Coach For 2018

  Hello Get Leaners!! To help kick-start the year I’m inviting you to choose your own Get Lean Coach for 2018. We have a fantastic team of Get Lean Coaches that I’d love you to get to know better. Each of the Coaches have posted a little video showcasing their individual areas of expertise (see below). […]

Coach Carly


  Hi team, I’m Carly and I live in Moora, WA. I grew up in country NSW, after completing my degree in Sport and Exercise Science Rehabilitation in 2010 I moved to Perth to study my post graduate diploma in exercise science rehabilitation. I gained accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist and worked in occupational health […]

Beginner Full Body NO Squats or Lunges Workout (December 2017)


Hello Get Leaners!! This month lovely Coach Maree has brought us a fantastic workout. This is a beginner level full body workout designed specifically for women who have just joined the program, have knee issues, are coming back from injury or sickness or if you generally find it hard to do squats or lunges. The […]

Christmas Pudding Slice & White Christmas Slice (Snack): December 2017

2017-Dec-ROM-6-300x261 copy

  This time of year can be tricky to navigate food wise as we often have many parties and celebrations to attend. So this Christmas we have 2 slices that are fast and simple to make and hopefully will help you avoid some of the unhealthy treats and snacks that are so often available at […]

Get Lean Shakshuka (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner): November 2017

2017 NovROM6

Ok so I’ll admit straight up that this one is not my ‘prettiest’ of dishes but what it lacks in presentation it makes up for in flavour :) This is a middle eastern style breakfast but I think it can be enjoyed for any meal of the day. I often enjoy it as an easy Sunday […]

Full Body Stretch Routine (November 2017)


Hi Everyone! This month Coach Maree has created two excellent stretch routines for us :) Pre Walk or Run Stretch Routine (click here) Full Body Stretch Routine (below) This is a lovely full body stretch routine that can be done as a warm-up or post workout. If you are more flexible or experienced with stretches go deeper or […]

Pre Walk or Run Stretch Routine (November 2017)


Hi Everyone! This  month Coach Maree has created two excellent stretch routines for us :) Full Body Stretch Routine (click here) Pre Walk or Run Stretch Routine (below) The Pre Walk or Run is a 5-minute dynamic stretch routine that all walkers and runners should do pre training/workout. Take your time to warm up your whole […]

Zesty Zucchini Side Salad: October 2017


  Spring has sprung here in the Southern hemisphere and the change in temperature has brought with it a desire for light, fresh tasty salads. This is a simple and delicious way to use zucchini which I enjoy eating raw more than when it’s cooked. The flavors of this dressing add a delicious zing to the dish. Use […]

Full Body Fitness Challenge (October 2017)


Hello Everyone! This month power-house Get Leaner Lotty is back sharing one of her favorite full body workouts. This routine is suitable for all levels so please watch Lotty’s introduction below where she walks you through all the exercise variations. If you’ve never used a timer before, Lotty explains how this works also – and with […]

Basic Techniques For Beginner Runners


  Hi Get Lean family this is my blog on running technique. I hope you’ll learn some handy skills and drills for your next training session. This is for walkers or runners of all ages and abilities and comes from what I have learnt over the years as a beginner runner. I have been where […]

How To Become A Beginner Runner (Coach Maree)


r Hi my name is Coach Maree. My role is to support you on the Get Lean Program via our Facebook Private Get Lean Community and our coaching website. I could talk forever about my passion for running and believe me it is a love hate relationship. I am not a runner who goes out […]

Pelvic Floor Workshop: September 2017


Hi Everyone! As a Transformation Coach I know many women suffer from pelvic floor problems. If this is you please be reassured this is surprisingly common (1 in 3 women experience leakage when running or jumping). But this doesn’t mean you just have to accept it as “normal” and “suck it up”. Your pelvic floor supports your internal organs and […]

Steel Cut Oats Bircher (Breakfast): September 2017


  While we love our Get Lean steel cut oats, eating a hot breakfast isn’t always appealing in the warmer weather. So we’ve created this Steel Cut Oats Bircher as a delicious alternative to keep you full all morning. Super quick and easy to prepare (and easy to transport if you need to take it […]

Alternative Latte’s (Snack): August 2017


After seeing how many of our Get Leaners are looking for coffee alternatives we decided to come up with a few delicious options for you. Introducing the Matcha Latte, Turmeric Latte & Cacao Latte. You’re sure to find at least one favorite here! Alternative Latte’s (Serves 1)   Ingredients: 1 cup milk (almond, coconut, full cream […]

Advanced Cardio-Core Challenge (August 2017)


Hello Everyone! This month Coach Prue has created another kick-butt routine.  Prepare yourself for the challenge! This will burn a ton of calories while giving you an amazing core workout.  Please watch Prue’s introduction where she walks you through each exercise and the alternatives.  There’s a lot going on so you’ll need to pay attention plus […]

Advanced Lower Body Strength Challenge (July 2017)


Hello My Lovelies! This month we have something super special – Coach Prue has created an advanced lower body routine.  There are some exciting new and challenging moves so make sure you watch Prue’s excellent introduction before you attempt the workout. If you have knee or hip issues double check with your Get Lean Coach as this […]

Vegetarian ‘Meat’Balls (Lunch): July 2017


    This month we decided to create another vegetarian recipe this month as so many of you enjoy having at least one meat free meal per week or are vegetarian. It’s always great to have plenty of options :)

Sunrise & Sunset Yoga Routines: June 2017


Hello my lovelies! On my Facebook Lives recently I’ve been talking a lot about managing stress in our lives. Stress raises cortisol levels which makes us more prone to gaining weight. Not to mention stress affects our sleep, moods and energy. As our hormones change we become more sensitive to the impact of stress. We tend to […]

Vegan Bean Stew (Lunch): June 2017

Ready to simmer

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or simply love to have at least one meat free meal per week, you will adore this fast & tasty recipe. It’s very versatile too. If you don’t like spicy food then simply leave out the chilli powder, it will still be delicious. This is a lunch recipe that can […]

Granola Snack Bar: May 2017


Advanced Full Body Chair Workout (May 2017)


Hey Everyone! This month I am excited to bring you a special workout I created especially for Get Leaner Susan’s visit to New Zealand. Some of you may remember our recent interview re her Hashimoto’s journey and Get Lean (see below). Autoimmune conditions are challenging, however Susan is testament to the fact that despite having […]

Cauliflower Rice or Cauliflower Mash: April 2017

2017 AprROM1

A lovely warming bowl of rice or potato mash is very comforting food but not a good option at dinner time when we’re trying to Get Lean. Try these delightful and healthy alternatives with your casseroles or as a side to your proteins. Experiment with some of the flavor options to find your favorite & please […]

Exercise Technique: Getting Started


Hi Everyone! Lovely Coach Maree requested we put together a series of coaching videos focusing on Exercise Technique. And Get Leaner Lauren kindly agreed to help us out! Thank you Lauren :) We’ve filmed a series of short coaching videos below. I will be taking you step-by-step through all the key points on good technique for […]

Mix It Up Meatloaf (Dinner): March 2017


  Fantastically simple yet incredibly flavorsome, meatloaf is a winner for the whole family. You can prepare this in the morning (without baking it), cover it with cling film refrigerate it for the day & pop it in the oven when you get home. You can also freeze it in slices (once baked) for when […]

Yoga Core Strengthening Routine: March 2017


Hi Everyone! This month I’m excited to have Ali our Get Lean Yoga Instructor sharing a fantastic core strengthening routine. You may remember Ali from our Power Yinyasa Yoga last year. In yoga nearly all the poses utilize the core muscles. However the moves in this routine (and the sequence of them) are especially designed to condition your entire core, from the pelvic […]

Get Lean Goddess Bowl (Lunch): February 2017


  As promised with last months Lemon Chicken Recipe of the Month, here is how to use the shredded chicken to make a delicious lunch. Preparation is an important key to eating healthy every day. I try to utilize my time doing things like: if I am grating vegetables for a lunch or dinner I […]

Cardio Fat Burning: 3 Exercise Circuit (February 2017)


Hey Everyone!! This month I interviewed Lotty who you may remember had a double hip replacement last year.   We promised you a follow-up interview and workout, so here it is! I hope it inspires you to what’s possible no matter what challenges you’re facing :) r The Interview   r r The Workout r […]

Body Balance: Arms, Abs and Legs: January 2017


Hey Everyone! Here’s a great routine to kickstart your New Year :) The combination of medicine and exercise balls creates a balance challenge – and forces you to use many of the stabilizing muscles increasing deep muscle stimulation.  This technique is very effective for toning and firming while also improving your full body symmetry. It’s also particularly good for […]

Lemon Chicken (Dinner): January 2017

Dinner Time

  I love using my slow cooker as it’s really simple to set & forget, however, I recently realized it sits dormant for half the year. Usually I associate the slow cooker with warming winter meals like casseroles but decided there must be ways to use it during the warmer months to save time & […]

Christmas Panna Cotta (Snack) : December 2016


  Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebrations so here is a delicious treat that can be served as a dessert or enjoyed as a decadent yet healthy snack for the whole family. I served mine with fresh mango since it’s heating up here & the mangoes are divine at this time of […]

Power Yinyasa Yoga Routine: December 2016


Hi Everyone! It’s almost Christmas and I know many of you are busy juggling work, family and social events. So I thought you’d enjoy a change of pace with a special follow-along yoga routine. I invited Ali as our guest instructor. She is a commercial lawyer and yoga instructor. “Vinyasa” in sanskrit means “connection of […]

Dynamic Warm-Up Routine (November 2016)


Hi Everyone! You’ve been asking for a fun, quick and effective warm-up routine so here it is :) It’s based on seven dynamic movements to get your heart rate up, blood circulation pumping and improve your flexibility. It will help you perform your workout more proficiently, push that little bit harder and prevent muscle strains. Note: If you’ve had a […]

Spicy Bites (Snack): November 2016

With Dipping Sauce

  There’s a little work involved with making these bites but they are definitely worth the effort! Make them as spicy or not (whichever you prefer) as you wish. This recipe has plenty of options to keep you happy, so don’t be afraid to be creative with your flavor combinations. They are designed to be […]

Suspension Band Fitness Challenge (October 2016)


Hey Everyone! This month we have something, new, fun and challenging.  Suspension Band Training. I know some of you already use this unique training system so I thought you may love a special “Get Lean Routine” – to put your fitness to the test. I’ll be creating some additional suspension band workouts over the next few months (just in case […]

Zucchini Savory Muffins (Snack): October 2016



Egg & Vege Fried Rice (Lunch): September 2016


  This is my version of fried rice, the healthier version! This super tasty meal can be portioned and even frozen for future lunches. This is a vegetarian dish, but you can reduce the eggs by 1 and add 1/3 cup of meat protein (chicken or beef) if you prefer.

Bye Bye Cellulite: September 2016


Hi Everyone! I have something special to share this month :) The follow-along workout from my Bye Bye Cellulite Program.   This 20 minute routine uses cellulite specific exercises to target your female trouble zones. By stimulating the muscles directly below the cellulite you will firm and tone your skin from the inside out. Please […]

HIIT Cardio-Toning: August 2016


Hey Everyone! This month we have a really fun and effective HIIT Cardio-Toning Routine. This is an Intermediate to Advanced Level Workout. If you are Intermediate begin with the Time-Saver Version. NOT suitable if you have knee or hip problems. Intro To Download the Memory Jogger PDF Click Here <<< To Download the Workout Video Click Here <<< […]

Warm Winter Salad (Lunch): August 2016

IMG_2511 copy

  Eating salad in winter can seem a bit unappealing as we enjoy warming foods when the weather is cold. This salad however combines hot & cold elements perfectly. Oven roasted vegetables combined with lettuce and seeds/nuts makes for a taste sensation. A perfect vegetarian lunch.

Savoury Pikelets (Breakfast): July 2016


  Here’s a delicious breakfast treat that you can prepare ahead of time for those busy mornings when you’re short for time. It’s also ideal for your Sunday brunch. It’s a super healthy way to use leftover cooked meat from the night before and any extra veggies you may have sitting in your fridge. I’ve given you lots of options so […]

Low-Impact High-Results Lower Body Toning


Hi Everyone! This month I’m sharing a special routine I recently filmed with my good friend Lotty. Despite having advanced arthritis in both hips Lotty has achieved an amazing transformation.  She’s been doing my workouts for a couple of years now and over time we’ve modified her routine to adjust to her needs. The workout below is […]

Body Toning Routine: June 2016


 Hi Everyone! This month I have something very special :) I’m sharing my Body Toning Routine which I created as part of my Super Sexy Skin Program. The Body Toning Routine is a gentle fusion of bodyweight movement, yoga, Pilates and stretching. It will stimulate your circulatory system to regenerate and detoxify your skin using gentle, full […]

Pre-Workout Hip Mobility Routine: June 2016


Hey Everyone! This month I filmed a specialized pre-workout routine to help improve hip mobility.   Our hips can become “tight” for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s due to an underlying condition or inflammation, other times it’s as simple as sitting for long periods each day without stretching. Other times long distance running can cause issues. Improving […]

Coach Prue


Hello Everyone, I am a mum of two beautiful children Marlie and Darcy, who are both under 5 which means I have a lot of experience fitting in workouts and planning healthy meals around busy family life.  Our family also includes my partner Matt and our dog Alfie (a miniature fox terrier).  We are living in the beautiful village of Kirwee […]

Coach Haida


Hi beautiful ladies, my name is Haida and here is my story.. I was born and raised in Singapore to a very interesting mixed heritage; Malay-Indian-Chinese-Afghan background and I can speak 3 different languages fluently. I have an elder brother who is a musician and a sister who owns her own cake shop, a mum […]

Beef & Leek Casserole (Dinner): June 2016


  For those down under, winter has arrived.  And there’s nothing I love more than a slow cooked meal to bring out all the delicious flavors. Super nutritious and easy to prepare. As an added bonus, there’s more than one meal in each batch, so you can stock the freezer for those busy times. There […]

Beautiful From Behind: May 2016


Hey Everyone! This month we have a really fun workout specifically designed to tone the back of your legs and butt using a step and your bodyweight. The back of our legs and butt (hamstring muscles and glutes) are often neglected with traditional workouts that tend to favor the quads (front of legs).  You can see […]

Resistance Reshaping: Advanced: April 2016


Hi Everyone! This month we’re following on from our Bodyweight Burn Advanced with Resistance Re-Shaping. This routine includes a few of my favorite weight training sequences. This system fatigues the muscles in a very precise way to stimulate new fibers increasing density and definition.   There are 3 ways you can do this routine: Time-Saver: once through […]

Resistance Reshaping: Beginner: April 2016


Hi Everyone! This month we’re following on from our Bodyweight Burn Workout with Resistance Re-Shaping. We’re building your workout skills so please focus carefully on the correct technique for each exercise.  I find using a mirror helps. There are 3 ways you can do this routine: Time-Saver: once through all exercises. Lower Body Focus: Exercise 1 Exercise […]

Toast with Savory Toppings (Breakfast): May 2016


Hi Everyone! Lately we’ve had a few requests for savory breakfast options.  So this months recipe is a very simple; construct your favorite tastes, savory toast. For breakfast on the run I’ve included a wrap as an option too. Remember to stick closely to the portion sizes mentioned. Nutritional guidelines haven’t been provided as it will depend […]

Beef Taco or Thai Chicken Wrap (Lunch/Dinner): April 2016


  You will see that this month we have decided to spoil you with tons of options to choose from. I guarantee you will love this recipe!

Super Seed Snack: March 2016


Bodyweight Burn Beginner: March 2016


Hi Everyone! This is a fun and highly effective fat burning workout. I’m going to take you through all the basic moves which I include in many of my routines – so listen closely to my coaching. Focus carefully on the correct technique for each exercise.  Sometimes using a mirror to check helps a lot. At […]

Bodyweight Burn: Advanced (March 2016)


Hi Everyone! This month I have a super effective, fast and fun full body fat burning workout that finishes with a very nice core sequence. This is an advanced routine and involves jumping moves; so if you have knee issues please do not do this workout. Focus carefully on the correct technique for each exercise. Important Notes: One circuit is […]

Knee Recovery Workout With Foam Roller & Power Band (February 2016)


Hi Everyone! This routine is for those who would like to use the foam roller for lower body toning. It’s also ideal for those with knee issues and those who would like to prevent future problems. Often knee problems are due to weakness or imbalances in the stabilizing and supporting muscles (glutes, quads and hamstrings), ligaments or […]

Transforming the Female Body: February 2016 Coaching Webinar


Video Replay February 2016lay     Audio Download  Right Click Here to Download the MP3 Audio File     In this Coaching Webinar the following topics were covered:   Get Lean Philosophy: The Big Picture Get Lean Guiding Principles: Nutrition and Exercise Get Lean Practice: Everyday Tips for Success Question and Answers   Links Mentioned:   […]

Breakfast To Go: February 2016


I know mornings are often the busiest time of the day and breakfast can be a challenge. So we created this recipe to be prepared the night before and quickly finished before you rush out the door. It’s delicious, easy to eat on the run and will keep you very satisfied until mid morning. And we’ve given you plenty […]

Register For February’s Private Coaching Webinar


Click Here To Register for February 2016 Private Coaching Webinar:   Transforming the Female Body <<<   The Philosophy, Principles and Practice of the Get Lean Program     Important Notes.   1. The live webinar will run from 4pm-5pm USA Eastern Standard Time on Saturday 27th of January.  New Zealand time zone will be […]

Fig & Walnut Cookies: January 2016


This month we have our first ever “Get Lean” cookie!  This is perfect as a morning snack and ideal when you’re on the run, at work or even traveling. They’re also great option when having coffee with friends or at a work meeting. No stress, no hassle – you know what you’re eating is super healthy and full […]

New Year Kickstarter Workout (January 2016)


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the New Year :) This month I’ve created a super fun and dare I say challenging routine! The fantastic thing about this workout is there are so many variations and options – depending on your level and time. If you’re looking for a quick “get your butt into gear” workout – […]

Coconut Treat Kisses: December 2015


Christmas is a time for giving and to say a big THANK YOU for being a loyal ATC member I am giving you my special Sinfully Healthy Christmas Treats and Sweets.   Here are a few delicious but super healthy treats you can share with your loved ones this holiday season. I’ve also added links below to […]

Christmas Message: December 2015


Hey Everyone! I appreciate YOU! To say thank you for being a part of Aussie Transformation Coach…I’ve filmed a short message :) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Hug, Bel XO  

Leaner Legs Workout (Starter Version): December 2015


Hi Everyone! This month I’ve put together a fun workout designed to firm and define the lower body. This is the Starter Version which I recommend you begin with if you haven’t done my workouts before or are at the beginner to early intermediate level. Once you’re feeling stronger and more confident then add in some of the moves in the […]

Leaner Legs Workout (Advanced): December 2015


Hi Everyone! This month I’ve put together a special challenge for those of you who’ve been doing my workouts for a while. It includes some new challenging moves and combos especially designed to increase definition and leanness in the lower body. For those of you at the Advanced Level I recommend you invest in two […]

Legs, Abs and Arms Exercise Ball Workout: November 2015


Hi Everyone! This month I’m bringing you something new: a workout that uses the Exercise Ball for every exercise. I wanted to create a new routine for you that: 1. Is fun! 2. Tones some of the harder to reach spots while still getting your heart rate up (burning fat). 3. You can grow into […]

Vegetarian Noodle Soup (Lunch): November 2015


The Get Lean soups are ideal for your post-treat-day lunches, the colder weather and for when you’re feeling like something super nutritious but not heavy. This Asian inspired soup is ideal for lunch (as it is) or as a light dinner (don’t add the noodles). We’ve created this as a vegetarian dish but I’ll also show you how to make it […]

Advanced Bodyweight Tabata Challenge: October 2015


This month I’ve put together something super special for you! Sonia, one of our Get Leaners has kindly offered to help me out by demonstrating my new advanced workout based on the principles of Tabata training. Tabata is one of the original HIIT protocols (High Intensity Interval Training). It originated in Japan and has been shown to […]

Thai Chicken Salad (Dinner): October 2015

salad copy

As the weather starts to warm up (in the Southern Hemisphere anyway!) I’ve been thinking about making crunchy, fresh and delicious salads again. This recipe has been made with chicken but you can easily make it vegetarian or change the meat, suggestions are at the bottom of the recipe. 

Leg Toning with Dumbbells: September 2015


Hi Everyone! This month we’re doing something a little different.  A back to basics coaching video on technique.  You know I always emphasize the importance of correct technique, speed, breathing and activating the target muscles. So this month, I’ve created this special coaching video to take you through the finer details of a few foundational moves. […]

Salted Caramel Slice Treat: September 2015

Ready To Eat!

Can you have your cake and eat it too? Yes, well, occasionally….. Let me explain. I’m often asked for healthy versions of your favorite treats & usually I’m reluctant to come up with those types of recipes. Why? Because we can easily overindulge & just because something is a healthier version doesn’t mean you can go […]

Lower Body High Intensity Interval Training: August 2015


Hello Everyone! As women, we tend to store fat in our lower body; around our butt, hips and legs.  So as we lose weight our upper body improves faster than our lower. At the same time, some body types are prone to gaining muscle volume if they workout their lower body with traditional exercises, especially those involving heavy […]

Fennel Baked Fish (Dinner): August 2015

AugROM2015Image5 copy

Ok confession time. I love eating fish but don’t like preparing it. So this month I decided it was time I face up to the reasons why I don’t cook fish as often as I should – and share how I dealt with my kitchen roadblock to create a new super delicious recipe. Remember, fish is a valuable source of Omega 3, Vitamin D,  and […]

Full Body Fat Burning Workout: July 2015


Hey Everyone, Thanks to your requests, this month I’ve put together a kick-butt fat burning workout to efficiently burn a ton of calories while toning you from head to toe. Here are a few tips for this workout: 1. First time through just go nice and steady to master the moves.  Once you’re confident, then pick […]

Blueberry Breakfast Cake: July 2015


  A quality protein breakfast provides a great start to the day. Protein helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and to keep you feeling full for longer. However, it can get boring just having eggs as your protein breakfast so I created this delicious cake as a great option to mix things up a […]

Knee Friendly Leg Toning Workout: June 2015


Hi Everyone! Last month I emailed out and asked if you had any special workout requests. A few of you suggested a lower body workout that is gentle on the knees (especially for those who find squats and lunges challenging).  So I got busy and put this routine together. This workout is ideal for: 1. Beginners, to help strengthen the […]

Rhubarb Crumble Muffins: June 2015

June ROM

Exercise Ball Abs: May 2015


Hi Everyone, This month I’m trying out something a little different. My very special friend Lotty agreed to help out by demonstrating each exercise while I explain the important points on form and technique. This coaching format is really useful – as it frees me up to concentrate on explaining the finer details of each exercise. I’d very […]

Meat-Free Curry (Lunch): May 2015


  Due to your awesome feedback on last months curry, this month I’ve done a vegetarian version. This is great if you are a vegetarian and if you’re not maybe it’s in time for Meat free Monday in your house :) Another simple yet delicious curry to warm you as we head into the winter months […]

Mild Beef Curry (Dinner): April 2015

April ROM 4

Curries have a reputation for being high in fat & generally not all that great an option if you’ve been trying to get lean.

Power Band Fitness Challenge (Space Saver Workout): April 2015


Hi Everyone! This month, based on requests for workouts that can be done when space or equipment is limited – I’ve created a power band fitness challenge for you! This routine is: 1. Great for improving your cardio fitness and can be alternated with your regular HIIT. 2. Ideal for when space is limited (e.g. when traveling). 3. A great compliment […]

Standing Abs & Obliques: March 2015


Hello Everyone! This month I decided to create something quite special and unique – a standing abs and obliques workout. This workout is: 1. An easy way to get started with working out your core. 2. A fun new challenge for advanced levels. 3. Tones your arms. 4. Firms your inner thighs. One of the secrets to seeing […]

Sweet & Salty Chicken Legs (Dinner): March 2015

Preparing healthy meals for the whole family can seem harder than just cooking for yourself.

Smash The Saddlebags: February 2015


Hey Everyone! This month I’ve had quite a few questions in the forum asking for specific exercises to target the saddlebags (hips and upper thigh).  So I decided to put together a new routine – focused on improving this troublesome area. Now, a few caveats.  The female body tends to store excess fat in specific […]

Choc-Coconut Berry Pudding: February 2015


  This month I’m sharing with you a delicious & healthy snack from my Super Sexy Skin program. I’ve chosen this pudding because it is super quick & easy to make, contains loads of nutritional benefits (I’ll run through a couple in a moment) and most importantly it  tastes divine!

Banish The Bra Fat: January 2015


Hi Everyone!  I hope by now you’re in the swing of the New Year and ready to get some great results :) In the forum I recently had a question asking how to tone the upper body, in particular that nasty bra fat area! So I’ve put together a highly effective routine to target those specific […]

Beef and Green Vegetable Stir Fry (Dinner): January 2015

Ready to be devoured :)

This month I’ve created a nutritious and fast family size meal for everyone to enjoy together. If the quantity is too much for your family simple adjust the quantities. Alternatively, make the full batch & have it for lunches or dinner another night. Beef & Green Vegetable Stir Fry (Serves 6)   Ingredients: 1 kilogram […]

Coconut & Lavender Hot Oil Hair Mask


  Over the years I’ve experimented with tons of home made skincare and hair recipes.  And I’ve had my fair share of disasters….   Like the time I put two mashed bananas through my long, thick hair (supposedly as a natural conditioning treatment). The banana stuck to my hair like super glue…forming little balls on every hair […]

Christmas Spiced Sweet Potato Slice (Baked and No-Bake)


  Hey everyone! It’s Christmas so I thought we all deserved a little treat :) Here are two slices you can make using sweet potato (kumura) or pumpkin.  Sweet potato has a sweeter creamier flavor which works really well, pumpkin is a little nuttier in taste. With these recipes you’ll get a power packed punch of protein, […]

20-Minute HIIT Lower Body: December 2014


It’s the holidays!  I know many of you are super busy with friends, family and general festivities..but it’s times like this our exercise can slip.  A few late nights, a few drinks (!!)…and just the general vibe of relaxing at the end of the year – means squeezing in those workouts becomes a challenge. So… here is […]

Supercharged Salad (Lunch) : November 2014


  In the Bible for Super Sexy Skin I cover 6 Eating Principles and I outline that there are a number of vitamins, mineral & healthy fats that are necessary to obtaining and maintaining healthy, radiant skin. But how do we go about getting those each & every day?

4 Essential Oils to Improve Mental Clarity, Focus and Energy


Aromatherapy essential oils are featured heavily in the Super Sexy Skin Program for their skin balancing and rejuvenating effects.  But did you know essential oils have tremendous healing, health and wellbeing benefits too? This month I’m sharing 4 of my favorite essential oils that I use to help improve productivity while working at my computer: Frankincense and Rosemary […]

Dynamic Dumbbell Training: November 2014


Hey Everyone, this month…I have a confession :) I’ve been so incredibly busy over the last 6 weeks launching the Super Sexy Skin Program and keeping up with all the exciting developments, that I let my training slip.  OK, I think I did deserve that little celebratory wine and ice-cream…but it’s time to get back on […]

Berry Almond Quinoa Porridge: October 2014


You might have noticed that I am very excited to have launched my Super Sexy Skin program :) An awesome component of the new program is the Eating Plan, a 28 day eating guide. Many of my Get Leaners have wondered if they can use this eating plan together with Get Lean & the answer is […]

Playground Workouts 3 & 4: October 2014


Hi Everyone! Last month I shared something very different and unique; some playground workouts that I filmed with my good friend Joey Atlas. Here are the next two in the series. Workout 3: Lower Body Workout B Workout 4: Upper Body Workout B I love playground workouts because they get you outside (especially if you have […]

Playground Workouts 1 & 2: September 2014


Hi Everyone! This month and next I have something very special to share.  Very different and unique! Some of you may know that the famous Joey Atlas and I are good friends - and during a visit to NZ a couple of years ago we filmed a series of playground workouts together. Workout 1: Lower Body Workout […]