Not Enough Time to Exercise? No Problem!


You make your exercise a priority in your life, right? But sometimes life gets in the way. The office meeting goes late. You have to chauffeur the kids around town. Your spouse or significant other has plans for you.  Sometimes you just get up late, which cuts into a morning workout. So, what happens if […]

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Exercise and Calorie Intake


Whether you’re looking to put on muscle or reduce fat, you can’t achieve either of these goals without finding a perfect balance between exercise and calorie intake. Too little or too much of either of these factors, and you won’t see good results.  So let’s take a closer look at these factors, focusing in on […]

Women’s Top 10 Results-Robbing Training Mistakes

Woman Jogging

Are you making the most common training mistakes?  If so, you’re probably robbing yourself of great results. Read on to discover how to avoid these mistakes and start achieving better results with less time in the gym…

Are You Doing the Right Cardio?


A lot of people just do their cardio without giving any thought to what the cardio is doing to them.  And that’s a mistake. You see, there are different types of cardio that are best suited to help you meet different kinds of goals.  If you choose the wrong kind of cardio, the best-case scenario […]