How To Skip Like A Pro!


Skipping or Jump Rope is a fantastic way to dramatically increase your cardio vascular fitness and burn fat. It’s an incredibly efficient workout and just a few minutes skipping prior to each workout will see big changes in your fitness level and conditioning. Skipping will also improve your coordination, reaction time and endurance. Starting out, […]

March 2013: Power HIIT


Hi everyone! I just finished filming a kick-butt HIIT Workout for you guys this month.  I was so inspired by the setting as you’ll see. Up in the bush behind my Mum’s home, I found a fantastic wooden bench amongst the gum trees. Your goal is to have a good sweat going, raise your heart […]

HIIT Made Simple


  You know I am a big fan of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because it has heaps of benefits over regular steady state cardio: 1. Burns fat not muscle 2. Leans you down while sculpting the body 3. Raises your fat burning metabolism 4. More time efficient 5. Less stressful on tendons and joints Watch […]