How to Prepare Foods the Healthy Way


You’ve heard me say plenty of times that you need to choose whole, unprocessed foods, while avoiding the processed, packaged items.  This step alone will make anything you cook more healthy.  But the way you prepare your foods is also going to impact the nutritional value of the end result. Use leans cuts of meat.  […]

How to Eat Healthy When Others in Your House Aren’t Doing the Same

healthy family food2

It’s hard enough to develop healthy habits when you’re living alone. But if there are others in your household, you may find it even more difficult.  Your housemates, friends and family members may not be on board with your healthy lifestyle.  That leaves you faced with extra temptation, such as the donuts, cookies, pizza, candy, […]

August 2012: Moroccan Beef (Buffalo or Kangaroo) & Chickpea Chili (Lunch)

IMG_2504 copy

Check out this recipe I made over the weekend…it is simply DELICIOUS!  Even if you don’t like chili – or hot foods, you can omit the cayenne pepper and it’s still very yummy – and very easy to make.   It’s high in protein and super nutritious.  Ideal for a quick lunch (the chickpeas are […]

July 2012: Breakfast Quinoa Sweet Potato Bake


Here is a fabulous substitute breakfast for those of you who are getting a little bored with oats! Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’) has been labelled a superfood by many and here are a few good reasons why: it has a high protein content of 14g per 100g of seeds! it’s gluten free, low GI and high […]

How to Find Healthy Recipes


Once you take control of your own health, you’ll probably find yourself scouring your old recipe books and looking online for healthy recipes.  But if you’re like most people, you may have some problems deciding which recipes are healthy.  Or maybe you’re having troubles locating a good source of these healthy recipes. Fortunately, this article […]

The Joys of Learning to Cook


Maybe you’re not much of a cook. Maybe you look at cooking as a chore. Or perhaps you just assume that you’ll dislike it, even though you’ve never really tried it. But here’s the thing – learning to cook is one of the keys to taking control of your health.  Consider these points: