Coconut & Lavender Hot Oil Hair Mask


  Over the years I’ve experimented with tons of home made skincare and hair recipes.  And I’ve had my fair share of disasters….   Like the time I put two mashed bananas through my long, thick hair (supposedly as a natural conditioning treatment). The banana stuck to my hair like super glue…forming little balls on every hair […]

How to Avoid a Disaster at the Hair Salon


I’m going to say five words that make many women break out into a cold sweat: Disaster at the hair salon. If it’s happened to you, then you know how devastating it can be. And if you’ve never had a bad experience, then you’re probably thanking your lucky stars and hoping for continued good luck.  […]

Beautiful Hair Can be Yours… Once You Know These Tips


I don’t know how old you are, but I noticed that my hair started to change as I became older.  Yours is probably changing too. And if it’s not a change that you appreciate, then take heart – you too can have healthy, beautiful hair. Here’s how…