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Overcoming Thyroid Challenges: Susan’s “Get Lean” Hashimoto’s Story

Christmas Message: December 2015


Hey Everyone! I appreciate YOU! To say thank you for being a part of Aussie Transformation Coach…I’ve filmed a short message :) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Hug, Bel XO  

My Personal Challenge – What’s Yours?


We all have personal challenges that need to be overcome as part of the journey to the best we can be. I share one of mine here….in the hope it encourages you.     See the Workstation Recovery Workout Here <<<

Make Peace With Your Body: 2014 New Year’s Message


Welcome to 2014!  Here’s a little inspirational message to help you kick-start the New Year.  Make sure you listen right to the end as I share some of my story, the challenges I’ve faced and how I overcome them.   I’d love to hear about the breakthroughs you’ve had over the past year and the […]

Don’t Burn Out!


Your Health is Number 1!

Discover Your Potential!


Hi everyone, I just finished recording a fantastic HIIT Workout for March, I’ll be posting it later this week. Afterwards, on the spur of the moment filmed this short motivational message for you! I hope it encourages you to not settle for second best and keep believing you can have the body you deserve!

How To Hit The Ground Running in 2013!


Hey everyone! As Christmas and the New Year are approaching, I decided to film this short motivational video message to help get you through the next couple of weeks and hit the ground running in 2013!   Quick summary of the key points I mention in the video…..   1. Dealing With Social Pressures Don’t […]

Short Motivational Message from Paihia, New Zealand


Hello everyone! As you may know, I’ve been traveling in Australia and New Zealand for the last 5 weeks.  Amongst family things and other work stuff, I held my first ever “Ultimate Body Workshop” in Wellington, NZ. It was a great success and thanks again to all the awesome girls who came. More events to […]

If It Is To Be….It’s Up To Me!


If you’ve been following my journey you’ll know I am leaving Panama this Wednesday after living here for 7 years. I recorded this little video yesterday sharing how I use positive self-talk to help me through challenging times like this!

Mental Toughness: The Hidden Secret to Success


“Mental Toughness” - a term commonly used by coaches, sport psychologists and business leaders – that describes the attributes which allow us to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence. In this video I share how developing mental toughness changed my life forever…and how you can do it too!

Giving 100%, No Regrets & Not Scratching That Itch!


Welcome to everyone who joined this very special week – the launch of ATC and my birthday lol!! I am excited beyond words to be finally able to give you the support, guidance and coaching you need to achieve the body you have always wanted. Yesterday I recorded this short motivational message for you from […]

Postcard from Australia (kangaroo recipe and seminar videos)!

Kangaroo dish

G’day from Australia! Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been busy catching up with family in NZ, old friends on the Gold Coast Australia, presenting at seminars in Sydney and Melbourne and enjoying beach time in Adelaide with my Mum! It’s been a huge challenge eating on the road and keeping up my workouts – […]

What’s Up? 2012 Update (photoshoots, workouts, NZ & Australia)!


Welcome to 2012! By now you have hopefully eaten all your Christmas goodies, celebrated New Year, had your vacation and are probably wondering how to get back on track – fast! Watch my short video below for a quick update on what I have been up to behind the scenes preparing to help you achieve […]