Coach Rachelle

Hello ladies, Rachelle here!

Here’s a little background about me..

I was born in London and lived there until the age of 18, I had met a New Zealander while he was over on his 2 year visa. We got engaged and when his visa ended, I travelled back to NZ with him. I fell in love with the place and made it my home for good.

I’m now 46 years old and happily married, for the second time, but now with my soul mate. I have a beautiful 24 year old daughter who has blessed me with 2 granddaughters. I also have 2 boys, both at school, aged 7 and 11yrs who are typical boys FULL of energy!!! I work school hours and run them around to their various sports and clubs. So I guess you could say that I’m just your typical busy mum!

Family photo

Me and my little family… we’ve since added another granddaughter to the clan since then!

So what got me into health and fitness?

I had been through many years of negative body image & low self-esteem.

I remember my mother always being on a diet and was always so slim, so I followed suit and started my first diet at the age of 11. Over the years I had tried them all! Sometimes they worked (for a while) but the weight always ended up coming back, plus some more. This continued until in my late teens I became bulimic. My whole world and all the decisions I made were based around food and how I would feel if I ate something ‘bad’ or if I ate too much. I would deprive myself on a daily basis to prevent gaining weight, only to binge later when I caved in. This went on for years…

Somehow in my late teens, through the love and strength of my family (my friends didn’t know about my bulimia) I was encouraged to join my local gym in London.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I absolutely LOVED training and the way it made me grow in confidence and strength. The bulimia stopped and instead, I put my focus into eating healthy foods to fuel my workouts.

I carried on training on and off for years until, in my 30’s, now living in NZ. I ditched the office job and went to Uni. I studied for 3 years and gained a Bachelor of Sport Management. I had broken up with my husband and studied while being a single mother to our daughter. It was tough, but I’m a determined kind of person!

While studying I had a part time gym instructor job that then led to working as a PT. I had many 1:1 clients and instructed bootcamps and also contracted to a Corporate Club training executive clients at their members only gym.

My career lasted 9 years, with a couple of breaks when I fell pregnant with my 2 boys. It was the perfect job that I could fit around family and so gratifying seeing clients gain results and achieve their goals.   I ended up leaving when we moved away from the City and I wanted to be more available for my boys who were growing fast!

In 2012 a couple of years after having my youngest son, I’d put on a fair bit of weight again and felt unfit. I needed a new fitness challenge. My husband was training at a local powerlifting gym at the time, and after seeing him in his first competition, I wanted in. I began training to compete and ended up competing both locally and at a national level until 2015 when I switched my focus to bodybuilding.

 GPC Squat Pic

One of the many powerlifting competitions I lifted at.

That’s my hubby Greg spotting behind me! Always got my back!

I made my first major body transformation, losing 12kg in about 6 months for a bodybuilding show but didn’t enter as I didn’t feel stage ready at the time and I wasn’t stepping on stage until I felt 100% happy. I had never been on the beach in a bikini, let alone on stage in front of 100’s of people, so I had to be confident!!!

So in 2016 I gave myself 6 months to prep for a photoshoot, which I did at my local gym. It was great fun and a real confidence booster to see my hard work in print! I would recommend a photo shoot to anyone!!


My Photoshoot – aged 43 years old, this was so much fun!

In 2017, after another 6 month prep, I entered my 1st bodybuilding competition, winning 1st place in the Novice Physique division. This qualified me for nationals in 2017. This should have been my peak moment, but to be honest I still wasn’t entirely happy with my physique and my health had taken a dive during this prep.


Nabba Physique 1st place

October 2016 where I won 1st place Novice Physique division aged 44 years old

Throughout this prep, I had started getting all kinds of weird symptoms.

Painful daily bloating, extreme tiredness and my strength had all but gone.

My moods were all over the place and my muscles and joints were aching and sore all the time.

After months of extreme dieting, hardcore training 6-7 days a week and an average of 5 hours sleep a night (I was in the gym at 4am every weekday) I was literally burnt out.

I thought this would all come right after the show, but these symptoms continued for months afterwards.

Then my weight started going up, and fast!! I didn’t get it, I was sleeping more, eating a healthy wholefood diet and I wasn’t thrashing my body in the gym anymore but I was putting on weight by the day.

My muscle tone had disappeared and I didn’t know how I would feel emotionally from one day to the next.  

After seeing many specialists and spending lots of money on various tests. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and chronic inflammation.

Oh, and to add to the mix, I was also in perimenopause. No wonder I felt rough!

So, over the past year I took the reins, making health my priority.

I now try to get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night.

I continue to eat real unprocessed foods with the addition of anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. I avoid refined sugars and I exercise smarter.

I take time out each day for me, it may only be 10 minutes, but I do it. I also work a few less hours too!

It’s working as I can feel my mojo coming back for the gym. I’m not always exhausted and my weight has stabilised my clothes aren’t as tight anymore!

I also realised that it didn’t matter how much I weighed on the scale or how lean I was, I would always find something with my body that I wasn’t happy with and focus on the negative aspects.

Over the past year, as well as looking after my physical wellbeing, I’ve put effort into focusing on the positives. Taking time each day to write down what I’m grateful for and I found meditation has also helped. My physique is very different now to what it was when I competed, I’m not as lean or as ripped, but that’s ok. After all it would be impossible and very unhealthy to maintain such low body fat levels and I’m cool with that.

I finally learned that it is so important to feel confident and be happy in my own skin now, as the number on the scale won’t make an ounce of difference (Pun intended!) if I didn’t change my mindset. This was probably THE BIGGEST lesson I learned and one I am passionate about sharing to other women who may be going through similar self-loathing.

I’m super excited to be working with women through the Get Lean Program as I feel I can add my personal experience of overcoming my own chronic illnesses, negative body image and menopause.

I know that with the right approach to training, nutrition and tweaking lifestyle habits, fat loss, fitness goals and feeling great, absolutely can be achieved and I love how the Get Lean Program focuses on all these key points.

I’ve gained a lot of experience both professionally and personally with body transformations, strength training protocols and working on the mind when it comes to being happy and confident in your own skin.

I place a strong focus on nutrition and love educating about the benefits of making healthy food choices. I’m a real advocate for eating a non-processed, nutrient dense, wholefood diet. I’m a real foodie, and love to experiment in the kitchen, changing classic dishes with healthier makeovers.

I am looking forward to coaching you!! 



  1. I’m hearing what you are saying….thanks for sharing your story, such an encouragement for many women who get to that age and can’t lose the weight no matter what…I’m one of them and have been eating Healthy for a long time but look like the Michelin Man….so pleased to get onto the GLP and make a start to make a difference, I’ve seen my sister do it so I know it is possible :0).

    • Coach Rachelle says:

      Hi JuneB9,

      Thank you for your feedback :) and yes! It’s definitely possible to achieve weight loss, even when going through menopause, I can vouch for that!! as well as countless other women who have used the Get Lean Program.

      I know you will achieve your weight loss goals with the right guidance on diet and specific exercises for YOU. . Well done on taking the steps to join the Get Lean Team. I can’t wait to see your progress x0x


  2. Wow, Rachelle you look amazing ! Im a bit older than you but if I achieve even half of what you have I will be more than happy x

    • Coach Rachelle says:

      Oh thank you for your kind words RachaelG3

      And believe that you will achieve your goals. You’re definitely in the right place with lots of support and expert advice to help you get there xx here’s to a successful 2018

  3. SharynB3 says:

    Hi Rachelle
    What an amazing women you are am I am looking forward to working with you.
    It seems like you can work miracles and it is a miracle that I am needing :)

    • Coach Rachelle says:

      Oh thank you Sharyn,

      Oh we don’t need any miracles at all, just a nudge in the right direction and a consistency.

      You can do this Sharyn, I’m super excited to be working with you to achieve your goals


  4. Annie Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Rachelle….so happy you’re my coach!

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