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  1. wendy laird says:

    hi Belinda how do i find your free weight workouts

  2. AdelleStevenson says:

    Hey bel I seem to be having problems accessing the forum. Would like to ask a few questions re: the training. I am so excited to be doing your programme. It’s given me a new direction for training. I have started on the advanced programme as my strength has already increased significantly from doing Kat’s training programme. Would you rec to do one full cycle of the workout exercise 1-6 then repeat 1-2 times or doing 1-3sets of each exercise then move to the next? Also I have been training about 6 days a week so would you rec to alternate 1 day resistance and 1 day body weight? At the mo I have been including a bit of both?
    As for your diet plan I have been doing the protein/ fat breaky that Kat rec and it seems to be curing my sugar cravings but with your diet you rec oats for breaky. I have been avoiding most wheat, rice, gluten, milk prods and fruit and focusing on protein and green. I am starting to notice a diff in my body but still holding the weight and cellulite in my thighs. Can I do too many squats and lunges? My quads are getting bigger but the cellulite is not shifting? Have you heard that organic coconut oil helps?
    Anyway Bel I am really excited to continue your training programme. Only 7 weeks till my trip to America so watch this space. I’m gonna have a smokin hot bod to turn 35 in. You are truly an inspiration to me and look forward to more posts from you. P.s I have a great shot of you and I on my phone from the seminar in melb which I look at when I need inspiration.
    Thanks so much
    Love Adelle

    • Hi Adelle! I have answered your questions in my coaching video that I recorded today.

      If you want to send me some photos so I can see exactly what’s going on with your lower body please use the Submit Your Story form on the right. The photos will remain private but will help me answer your questions better.

      Talk soon!

      PS. try quinoa for breakfast instead of oats!! :)


    How do I download the memory jogger to my phone? Also, how do I print the cheat sheets to work out with?

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Suzanne, to download the memory jogger – if you have internet access on your phone (or if not computer) right click the link above the memory jogger that says “Right-click and Save As to download the video now” and save to your phone or computer. If you save the video on your computer, connect your phone to your computer and copy the file over.

      To print the cheat sheets, open them in Adobe Reader, and click Print – and go from there.

      If you have’t already, watch this short video which goes through step by step how to do this (plus an overview of ATC):


      Let me know if you have any questions :)


  4. AmandaHawtin says:

    Hi Belinda,
    I saw the 6 week jump start program. If I was to do the, Stricter: follow the last 2 weeks of each month (days 15-
    28) in sequence (months 1, 2 and 3).
    What sort of results would i expect to achieve as i’m currently at 19% body fat


    • Belinda says:

      Hi Amanda, the answer depends on a few things including your current workout regime.

      Could you please post this question in the “Ask Belinda” section of the forum and include what workout program will be doing (what and how often), and what your nutrition and workouts have looked like (in general over the last 6 weeks), and how much weight and or BF% you have dropped over the last 3 months.

      Thank you!!



    Hallo there!

    I am Nadia.I am in the second week of get lean nutrition and training program. Although I was confused in the beginning about wether I could fit your diet in my long day or adjust my program to the training needs, everything seems to has take their right place in my day. My body has already changed . Last time I contacted you you asked me some details about my habits and my dimensions.I have no weight to loose ( I am 1,73 hight and I weighted last Monday 54,1 kilos- today I weight 53,8) but I have fat to burn.My thighs are beginning to get definition but the inner part moves much slower than the rest. This also happens to my butt also. Can I do something more intense about those two parts of my body or should I be patient and stick to the training plan(for the moment I only to body resistance workouts)?I posted twice or three times at the bottom of some forums I was in (e.g about protein or to questions-answers to Get leaners but I had no response. You advised me on my first presentation in the ATC to copy and paste my message to a forum .What exactly do you mean? I need to know how to get in contact with you.Some quetsions
    - How many weeks should I stick to a workout? example I spent last week doing the workout 1 of body resistance intermediate level.Is it ok if I move on now to workout 2?
    - I work on shifts and my bio watch is not “working” normaly. Is there anything I should about this?
    - I added some plums in my diet (3-5 every day) for” obvious” reasons.Is it Ok or you suggest to do something else?

    How will I see your answer when I log back in let’s say in two days?

    Sorry about the length of my post



    I was doing quite well until two days ago when I sliced my hand instead of the vegies & ended up with 8 stitches. This has limited my cooking abilities & really restricted my training as I not really allowed to use my hand!. Urrgh – was just getting the routine going & now this.


    • Hi Nella!! Oh noooo, this is awful news. I’m so sorry to hear this. You must be feeling pretty miserable :(

      8 stitches is a good slice crikies, lucky you didn’t do any serious damage beyond that. Hopefully it will heal quickly and you’ll be back to cooking and training in no time. In the meanwhile, do the lower body workouts…..

      Big hug, Bel xo


    Is having some problems shaping the inner thigh, especially the difficult area of the inside of the knee.
    I have done one round of the Get Lean Program and now I m on the last week of the accelerator week (something short befor vacations).I am quite satisfied of how it went. I workout every day, I have built good muscle, BUT the area I referred to before is still not good enough.
    Any suggestions?


    OH, I just managed to login so I would like to say hello to everybody, as I am here for the first time and looking
    forward to achieving a “new body” … am already 50 and was very unhappy with my celulite, but started a programm with Joey Atlas like 3 months ago and I feel much better now … so I,ll start with goood energy!!


    • Hi Claudia, wonderful to have you here and welcome!!

      Great to know you’re starting with gooood energy :)

      Please say hi in the forum also, tell me a little about how often you’ve been working out and what you nutrition has been like, and I’ll help you get started on the right workout program. We can incorporate the Symulast Program if you wish, just let me know :)




    Good Morning……..I am reading through all of the interesting information I have recently downloaded and I notice that there is a COMPLETED Resistance Progression Plan in all of the Resistance Workout Programs…….I have also noticed that in the TRACKING Sheets Download, there is a BLANK Resistance Progression Plan Form to be completed. Am just wondering, how do I use this blank form and how do I complete it? Do we not follow the already Completed Progression Plan you have provided in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Resistance Training Programs? Thank you so much for your assistance here. Have a great day.
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Kate – great to hear from you and thanks for posting :)

      YES – you follow the Completed Progression Plan, but you may find you progress faster or workout less or more often. So the Blank Progression Plan is to track your own personal schedule (if you wish). Make sense?

      If this isn’t clear please let me know and I’ll give you an example. In the Jump Start Training Guide you’ll also find an example of how to fill out/use the blank Progress Plan.

      If you haven’t already please check out the forum also (and say hi there), as there’s heaps of great info there: FORUM < --- And of course, when you're ready - the Workouts of the Month :)

      Good luck and keep me posted on how things are going!



    Good morning! I’m very excited about getting started on the program! I’m reading the material and practicing navigating through the multiple resources, but can’t seem to find where/ how to post my introduction to the forum board. I’ve logged out and back in with no luck. I’m probably overlooking it in my excitement to absorb everything :)
    Could you point me in the right direction?
    Thanks so much,

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Stephanie and welcome – I am excited to have you on the program and discover what’s possible for you!

      When you first login – there is a link saying “Newbies Start Here”, if you click that it will take you here:


      One of the videos at the top shows you how to post in the forum :)

      When you post, please tell us your story, and give me your stats and a little history on your eating and exercise – so I can help you get starting with the right workout plan!

      Talk soon :)


  11. LIAURREGO says:

    I would like to thank you for your website but I would like to cancel my subscription. How can I do that?

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Lia, my pleasure :)

      Please submit a ticket to my Help Desk and we’ll organize that for you straight away.

      Help Desk <<< Thank you and please stay in touch! Bel

  12. Hi Bel, I purchased your Get Lean program today. I did everything I was prompted to do but I am confused about where to go now; Am I waiting for you to respond and help me with my setup like menu, shopping, workouts to do on certain days or did I miss something; Please help!! Thanks so much, Angie

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Angie, thanks so much for letting me know and posting in the forum!

      I can see that you haven’t downloaded the program yet – that’s the issue lol. I am going to reply to you direct now via email with your download link :)

      Stand By!

      Bel xo

  13. Hi, I have just downloaded your get lean programme and I’m looking forward to getting my new body. I want to loose about 3 stone which I know won’t happen overnight but I can’t wait to get it off. Fingers crossed it works for me.
    Lisa x

    • Hi Lisa, lovely to meet you and welcome to Get Lean!! I am excited for you to get started.

      If you haven’t already, please watch the welcome video on this page, then post in the forum. Let me know a little about yourself, height, weight, trouble zones and history and I’ll put together the ideal weekly workout routine for you to get started – plus guide you with the eating plan.

      Go to the Forum << Talk soon! Bel xo

  14. Hi there, I am just starting the programme and am very keen to lose weight and tone up before a thailand trip in January.

    • Hi Jennifer and welcome!!

      Great to have you on board. Thailand sounds fantastic :) And a great incentive to lose weight and get toned up. When you have a moment please say “hi” in the forum and let me know a little about yourself, your eating and exercise so I can help plan out your first few weeks.

      Got to The Coaching Forum <<< Looking forward to hearing from you! Bel xo

  15. Kia ora everyone my name is Lavinia from Auckland, New Zealand I can’t wait to get started so I’m going throught he necessary reading and getting ready to start on Monday the 11 January. I look forward to communicating and achieving my goals with the support of you all. Thank you very much.

  16. Hi Bel,

    For the lunches and to cut down on wastage etc can I have say a soup for lunch every day? Or a wrap or is it important to have what is listed for each day due to nutrients etc? If so i will freeze ready meals and when it says a bowl of soup is that 1 cup? Some bowls are larger than others is all..

    I am awaiting access to the forums (ticket submitted) as I just have a few questions to clarify.

    Also are we meant to add a walk to our daily routine ontop of workouts? I did the intermediate bodyweight workout today 3 circuits and it took me 15mins total, so i went for an 8km walk with my son. I dont know if im following right? Help!

    And thank you!


    • Hi Bec!

      Great to hear from you. I just answered your ticket and you should have forum access now. Please make an introductory post there and I’ll help you get started.

      The soups are lower in carbs so having them every day might not quite be enough. Maybe try for a few days a week and the slot in some of the other lunches and see how you feel energy wise. Two cups for a bowl of soup is good. With your workout question, please post in the forum and I’ll have a few questions for you and then put together your personalized weekly plan. For now, adding a walk afterwards is great – when we get the coaching going I’ll give you the specifics for your body and goals.

      Talk soon! Bel xo

  17. LeannePost says:

    I’m Leanne from Sydney Australia. I am super excited to start the program.. I can’t read fast enough!!

    • Welcome to the program Leaanne and great to have you here!

      When you get a moment please post in the forum and I will help you get started :)

      Can’t wait to see your progress and results!

      Bel XO

  18. Hey Belinda,
    i’m gonna need to put my subscription on hold, we are going to focus in on the baby stuff, i’ll do my best with all that i have learned, but we need to put our pennies towards fertility…any advice during pregnancy? You mentioned you had some ideas…

    • Hi Kari, no worries and I understand. If you haven’t already please message me via my Help Desk and I’ll give you my suggestions :)

      Big hug and sending you lots of positive vibes for baby making :)

      Bel XO

  19. Hello
    I hope this is where I start with intro ?!
    I’m sandra , 43yr old mum of 3 . Ive been fit most of my life and trained hard but always struggled with weight . 6 months ago I was diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue . I’m now struggling with hormone imbalances and the inability to drop unwanted weight. Although I’m doing a lot better , I feel ready now to take on a challenge and get myself back to where I want to be .

    • Hi Sandra and welcome!

      Thanks for joining and making this post :)

      I am excited to help you get started.

      Please watch the Welcome Video on this Login/Dashboard page which will show you how to make your first forum post :)

      Then please go to my coaching forum, make your first intro post and I will reply with the next steps:


      If you need help please let me know via my Help Desk and my awesome assistant Meegs will walk you through it.

      Looking forward to coaching you!

      Bel XO

  20. Hi Belinda. I am new to this and was wondering where to start? How can i get the videos so I can start working out on my thighs and would like to tone up my legs .

    • Hi Mandy, welcome and great to meet you :)

      The best way to start is by posting in the forum so I can get a little more information about you and your goals and select the best workouts for you.

      There is a wide range of different routines for all levels…so I’d like to customized which ones are ideal for your lower body.

      If you need help posting in the forum just let me know by reply to this message or my Help Desk.

      Looking forward to helping you get started!

      Bel xo

  21. Hi Belinda,
    Help me start please.
    I’m 85kg, 169cms. I like to run and I go to gym here and there. I’ve put on some much weight lately with binge eating.
    I’m not normally like this. I hate myself and I want to do this. I’ve got my supplements and food ready just need to know what to do exercise wise. I’m a little confused what to do. I’d be intermediate.
    Thank you

    • Hi Nicola!

      Great to meet you and welcome to the program. Well done on getting organized with your supplements and food.

      I’d love to help you put together the right weekly workout plan based on goals!

      Could you please make an intro post in the forum so I can help you get started: Go to the Forum <<< If you need help posting please let me know :) I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Bel xo

  22. JJNeeson says:

    Hi there

    I am a bit confused as to what exercises to start with. I am not computer savvy at all and was wondering if I can get the book version? I got my daughter to do all the downloading etc. My issue is tone and belly fat.

    I have all the food sorted :)


    • Hi Janis and welcome to the program!

      Thanks for this message :)

      Did you download the Get Lean Workout PDF’s? If you’re having trouble let me know via the Help Desk and I can email these to you.

      Also, if you could please post in the forum a little intro with your goals I will help you put together the right workout program :)

      This will make it easy for you to find the right workout videos and get started!

      Looking forward to coaching you!

      Bel xo

      • JJNeeson says:

        I don’t think my laptop can have the correct software as the forum does not come up how the video displays. It just has a long list of those people on the forum (didn’t copy and paste to show you due to privacy).

  23. Juliana says:

    Hi Belinda,
    Hello to all Get Leaners,
    My name is Juliana, I am almost 45 and purchased the Get Lean one week ago. So exited and I am really happy to be with you.
    My story: I started to go to the gym when I was 33 and everything was OK until I became 41.5. After that, when the age related changes started I started to loose my shape – hips, tights, under arms – everything. So I realised that may be I need something different or different kind of exercises.
    So, than I found you Belinda – thank you very much. I am sure you can help me. I feel very motivated, because I know what the good shape means and I want my body back.
    At the same time I feel bit not confident with so many information, but will keep reading and trying to understand all. I’ve got real problem with skin of the inner thights – so what is the best for me, please. Please let me know do you need any other information.

    So, thank you very much and see you soon.

    Kind regards

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Juliana and welcome – it’s great to have you on the program!

      I can definitely help you get started and with your inner thighs. Quick question. Have you posted your introduction in the forum yet? This is where we do all the coaching. If not, please go there and make a post telling me about yourself and your goals and I’ll answer with the next steps :) Talk soon! Bel XO PS. If you need help at anytime you can also go to my Help Desk.

  24. Hi Belinda,
    I have been following the Get Lean plan for 6 days & love it! I was just wondering if I can eat the same lunch a few times a week or do I need to change and follow the exact plan each day?
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Susan!! Welcome to the program and to great hear this :)

      Yes you can eat the same lunch several times a week – no worries. Most women find their favorites and repeat during the week. Just don’t have more than 3 times so you get nice range of food nutrients. If you haven’t already please post in the forum so I can help you get started with a personalized workout plan. Talk soon! Bel xo

  25. Hi Belinda
    I’m so excited to get started i have been thinking about making this move for over a month now and finally made the move and joined…… i’m a bit nerves though, just need a bit of time to myself to read through everything…..wish me luck Hahaha!!!!

    • Hi Lisa, I am excited for you too!! Well done on taking the step of faith to join.

      I understand how you’re feeling but once you get started you’ll find the program is easy to follow and the workouts are fun and effective. When you get a moment please say “hi” in the coaching forum so I can help you get started with a personalized workout program :)

      Bel xo

  26. Hi I have just purchased the programme but before I start do you have any advise for shift workers as I complete earlies,lates and night shifts and wondered what effect this and the plan would have on my body for fat burning etc xx

    • Hi Tina and welcome to the program! We have a quite a few shift workers. The most important thing is trying to manage your meal/snack timings and portions. I can help you with this. If you haven’t already could you please make an intro post in the forum, let me know a little about yourself (plus include this info re your shifts) and I’ll reply and help you get started!! Looking forward to coaching you :) Bel XO

  27. Hi just bought the programme – exciting! Im 54 years old not a big girl165cm – am 58.5KGs but lately have put on a kilo or two and am feeling bloated – hoping to improve my eating -and therefore the bloating – I basically have cut out all sugar as I feel crapp after it- oky have a glass of wine a week – if any -I think its the menopause starting – by doing the plan I hope get on top of tthe middle age spread before it really starts. Thanks :-)

    • Hi Jane and welcome to Get Lean!! I think you’re going to love the program :) When you have a moment please post in the forum so I can help you get started with some personal guidance on the eating plan and put together the right workouts for you!! Talk soon :) Bel XO

  28. PamelaS9 says:

    Hi! I’ve just bought the program so slowly getting my head around all the information.
    I’m a little confused – do I post in the forum separately to this dashboard? Do I then get paired up with a coach?
    Thanks so much for your help in advance!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Pamela and welcome! Thanks for checking. Yes you post in the forum. Tell me a little about yourself and I’ll reply with some questions, a test workout and allocate your coach :) If you ever need help navigating the site or posting just let me know via my Help Desk. Bel XO

  29. Hi Belinda

    I purchased the Get Lean Program yesterday and have downloaded all the pdf files as suggested in your video. I have opened the pdf files in Acrobat however when I click on them it does not open up a side panel so I can navigate through the information. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I do not have the correct PDF reader.

    Kind regards

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Elise! Welcome to Get Lean :) So sorry, we had a problem with the PDF’s and the side panel navigation isn’t working. I apologize. I know there is a lot of material. Start with Part 3 of the Nutrition Plan which is the most important and we’ll guide you with the rest. Please post your intro in the forum now so I can help you get started with your personalized workout plan and allocate your Get Lean Coach. Also please join our amazing Get Lean Community on Facebook. Any questions or if you need help just message me via the Help Desk. Big hug, Bel xo

  30. HayleyR5 says:

    Please can you help me. I don’t know where all the downloads are?
    How do i get them? thank you.

    • Hi Haley! I’ve just resent your download link :) Please check your Inbox. If you can’t find it let me know via the Help Desk. When you have a moment please post your intro in the forum so I can help you get started with your own workout plan and Get Lean Coach. And please join our private Facebook Group for support. Talk soon! Bel XO

  31. Jacqui5 says:

    I tried the test workout, and it went ok. Many moves that I will need to memorize to do all of it without stopping to check the video. Is this the right place to post this?

  32. Hi, i’m Sam and I’ve just joined! My coach is Rachelle… looking forward to starting.

    • Belinda says:

      Welcome Sam!! Great to hear you here. I’ve just answered your post in the forum and Rachelle will be in touch soon :) Bel XO

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