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  1. G’day Belinda!
    I bought the Get Lean program on your birthday (Happy birthday again) :)
    I am very excited about it all. I have been checking all the materials and videos everything looks GREAT!!! I love the details!


    • Hello Helena!! So fantastic to see you here :) I am very happy you are taking the time to go through all the materials – it will make a big difference to your results. Thank you and can’t wait to hear about how you go getting started!


  2. Hi Belinda, Great Website, I ‘ve just got the Get Lean Transformation Program, lots of reading to do, can’t wait to start asap.

    • Thank you, a lot of hard work has gone into creating something that will give you the ongoing guidance, motivation and support you need to be successful on the program! Belinda


    Hi Belinda

    I just bought the program and downloaded it at home but do not have a printer and will need to print everything at work. How would I access this information at work so that I can print?



    • Hi Jenny :) Welcome!

      No problem – you have 2 options – you save everything to a memory stick and print it from work that way. Or you can download a second copy of everything to your work computer. If you want to option 2 to let me know and I will extend your download time and re-send you a download email :)


  4. ZAHIRHACK says:

    Hi Belinda!

    I am checking through all the materials and videos. Tomorrow I want to do some printing.
    Can’t wait to get started.
    I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this program.
    Looking forward to a great time!


    • Welcome Noreen :)

      I really appreciate your kind words, it means a lot after all the hard work I have put in – I want to give you my best so you can achieve your best! And I know this works :)

      Please say hi in the forum and if you have any questions getting started, post them there so I can answer!



    I’m just getting started, but I am looking forward to my journey
    Thank You so much,

    • Belinda says:

      Welcome Chandra! So happy to have you as part of Aussie Transformation Coach – please say “hi” in the forum :)

      Belinda xo

  6. SHAZIA NOREEN says:

    Hi Belinda!

    You look great I just got your programme yesterday and I can’t wait to end up like you lol!
    I love the fact you have gone through the trouble and put together very helpful videos thankyou so much and take care


    • Thank you Shazia! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. I can’t wait to help start you on your journey :)
      See you in the forum,


  7. This is it!!! I Am determind. You have kept things simple which is useful & I look fwd to implimenting your programs towards a healthier me….

  8. looking forward to something different :-)

  9. HI

    Just starting. New Year! New me! Cant wait to use this fantastic resource you have put together! I have never seen so much great stuff available. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

    Sabina xx

    • Hi Sabina, thank you – and Happy New Year and here’s to your best yet!

      I can’t wait to help you get started towards achieving your goals.


  10. Elaine Martin says:

    I am not able to download your videos, yes I read the part to right click and I should have an option for save as which I dont get this option I am unable to download the videos which I need. What do I do now, thanks

    • Hi Elaine, do you have the option “save to my computer” or “download linked file” – it depends on which operating system you are using, what message you get. You can also try clicking the link and it can be downloaded that way also.

      If you’re still having troubles, please submit a ticket here and Meegan will take you step by step through this so you can get everything! Don’t worry, we will make sure you get this sorted out asap.

      Also, if you have someone nearby to ask who is computer savvy, they can probably quickly resolve this for you also.

      Talk soon! Bel

  11. Hi Belinda…

    Ok, I did it….I am going to do this and stick with it. Thank you for your time in helping me to make a choice.

    For anyone that is reading this, I want you to know that Belinda responded to my questions and took the time to read my email before I brought the system and joined her site. This was big for me, only once in my life have I had a coach take the time to listen to me and want to help. And asked the questions to give me a real answer to weather or not they could help me…and Belinda did…thank you Belinda.

    I watched the newbie video and so far so good. :) I will keep all posted…Now I have to go intrudes myself. :)

    Have a great day!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Kimmi!

      Welcome and thank you for the kind words. I believe that people when given the correct and honest information will make the right choice for themselves and their health. Congratulations on taking this important first step – I’m excited to see what’s possible for you!

      Bel xo

  12. Hi Belinda!! I managed to download the programs but cannot log into any of the videos. The prompts keep asking me to submit a “ticket” and not sure what that is? Also, cannot seem to log in with the username and password I have. Help! Anxious to use the videos. I checked my email receipt that was sent and I only have the receipt #. Is that my ticket number??
    Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can start watching your various videos!

    Confused in Mexico

  13. Hi Belinha I’m 44 years old train hard but have stuborn cellulite on the bum and thighs which is the best way forward to combat this thanks

  14. Hi Belinda,
    Julie here I very new and having downloading program help !

    • Hi Julie!

      I have just replied to your message with your download link. If you need more help with this or your membership please let me know via my 24/7 Help Desk.

      Welcome to Get Lean and looking forward to hearing from you via the forum.

      Bel xo

  15. So, I’m getting there. I figured out that once it opens in Microsoft Edge I then have to copy and paste the link to Chrome and then I can download it. This is a long process and will take me forever. Any tips on how to open directly to Chrome? Thanks.

    • Hey Julie!! I just emailed you privately so please check your Inbox (and Junk/Spam). I can help you with this and sorry for the trouble you’re having. Please check your email so we can troubleshoot this together – if you can’t see my message let me know by replying to this post :)

      Don’t worry we’ll sort this out quickly together!

      Bel xo

  16. Hello. I am so overwhelmed. So much information all over the place. I am wired to just follow a plan and get at it but I don’t know where to begin because there is so much everywhere. Frustrated and feeling like i made a bad purchase.

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Tara!

      Welcome to the program and thanks for joining :)

      Could you please post an introduction in the forum (tell me about yourself and your goals) and I will personally help you. I’ll take you step by step through what to do and put together a personalized workout plan. If you need any help or have questions please feel free to message me personally:

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

      Bel xo

  17. Hi Belinda,
    I have just signed up today and think I would like to take my time looking over all the files. It is a lot to get my head around. Having said that …..I can be a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to really hard muscle training…..basically…I dont do it. I teach beginners yoga……and have relied on that to keep me toned …but when I teach I dont really get my own workout. I dont have time to go to a gym or to other yoga classes to push myself… I work and teach yoga at night…so i thought I would try your online program and see if I can keep motivated. I am really going to need your help on this.
    My plan is to read over it the next couple of days….get my cupboards stocked by Thursday and then start on Thursday afternoon after my dentist app.
    I will post this now and get back to the initial quick guides…oh and go to sleep.
    PS Really looking forward to having transformed legs and butt….but dont really want to end up too skinny in my upper body.

    • Hi Libby!! Welcome :) I think my workouts are going to be perfect for you. Go to the forum and post an intro there so I can give you a routine to test. Just something gentle to get started. It will flow nicely from the yoga you’ve been doing. Don’t feel like you have to read everything, start with the Quick Start and the Nutrition Part 3. Can’t wait for to start enjoying the program and seeing results! Bel XO

  18. Hi Belinda,

    I finally bought your program! I had been thinking about it since your reply on facebook. These past two weeks my back has been hurting, I was sick these past couple of days, which I had not been in a long time. This was it for me… So I kust bought the program and I am looking forward to starting. I also joined the free trial for the membership.

    • Hi Sofia and welcome! I am excited to have you on Get Lean and help you get started :) Sorry to hear about your back and being sick. I hope you’re getting better quickly. Could you please make an intro post in the forum and I’ll go through a few questions, team you up with your Get Lean Coach and give you a workout to test! XO

  19. Hello, I have just downloaded the Get Lean Programme and watched the video above. You mention that when you have downloaded a video to your desktop you can put it on your phone (this would be ideal for me to use in the gym), can you tell me how to put the video on to the phone?

    Thank you

    • Hi Fran and welcome to Get Lean! Could you please send me a message re this via my Help Desk so I can send you the instructions? Also, if you haven’t already please go to the forum and post a short intro about yourself and your goals so I can personally help you get started with the right workout plan for your body and goals. Plus I’ll give you the link to join our Private Facebook Get Lean Community. Talk soon! Bel xo

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