Delicious Guilt Free Desserts (video)!

G’day – I am on my way to New Zealand!  Right now I am in Miami airport waiting to fly to LA.  Four planes and 36 hours later door to door, I will be in the homeland of my Dad, Kiwi-land!

I will be on the road for 6 weeks travelling in New Zealand and Australia and promise to keep you posted about how I am staying healthy on the road – both with my eating and my workouts.  Some really good things in store for you!

Yesterday I before I left I interviewed Kelley from Guilt Free Desserts. Kelley has an inspirational story about how her diet healed her body and changed the course of her destiny from being a doctor to helping people just like you through healthy delicious nutrition.

Listen to Kelley’s inspirational story!



I was so inspired by Kelley that I got busy in the kitchen afterwards cooking my favorite Banana Flax Seed muffins to take with me on this trip lol.

Check out my cooking video below AND keep reading for how you can get your hands on Kelley’s Guilt Free Desserts and my Top 20 Super Food Snacks bonus.



Having healthy delicious snacks on hand can make all the difference between staying on track with your healthy eating plan and letting those sugar and refined carb caloric temptations get the better of you!

Healing Gourmet has produced an indispensible, comprehensive guide to gluten free, low glycemic baking. It’s called, Guilt-Free Desserts!

Not only will you enjoy 50 amazingly sweet desserts like Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake with Walnut Crust, Grand Marnier Soufflés, Coconut Macaroons and more, but you’ll also learn how to use healthy low-glycemic sweeteners, gluten free flours and other “top secret” ingredients prized by chefs to make delicious, healthy desserts.

So with any purchase of Kelley’s Guilt Free Desserts I am going to give you my Top 20 Super Food Snacks (see page 24 for the Banana Flax Seed Muffins).   Just click through to purchase then email your receipt to


Click here to get Kelley’s Guilt Free Desserts Recipe Book

Next blog post: my on the road full body bedroom workout. OK, yeah I know it sounds naughty but I promise you it’s serious fitness stuff!  Stay tuned!


Your Aussie Transformation Coach

P.S. Don’t forget to email me your receipt to get your free Top 20 Super Foods Snacks Bonus!

Click here to get Kelley’s Guilt Free Desserts Recipe Book

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