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  1. Ready to transform!



    If I have some questions and I do not want it to be “public”, where can I ask you private questions and receive
    private answers – obviously about body, training, menapause, etc?


    • Hi Michelle, no problem.

      If you go to the forum and click the Private Messages link you can send me a message there.

      Private Message

      I am looking forward to helping you!

      • MSELEMIDIS says:

        How do I address my message to you? There a number of Belindas that come up?

        • Hi Melanie – lovely to meet you and welcome :)

          Go here to the forum and post in the “Ask Belinda” section.

          Ask Belinda <<< Click Here If you have any trouble navigating the site or posting you can submit a ticket to our help desk and I'll answer there: http://www.belindabennsupport.com Look forward to talking soon! Belinda (Bel)

          • MSELEMIDIS says:

            Hi Belinda

            I was actually trying to private message you but didn’t know who to address to as a few Belinda’s came up.

      • CAROLYN PALMA says:

        Hi Belinda,

        I am older than most of your other members, 74, and will be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary in mid December. I want to look my best and ask if you have any special tip about which body exercises I should concentrate on and what would do the most for me in this month. I am not fat and my skin is in fair condition, just want to make it look glowing and help it to keep from aging fast!


        • Hi Carolyn,

          Welcome and wonderful to have you here :)

          Congratulations on your coming 50th wedding anniversary! Very inspiring and heart-warming.

          Yes absolutely I have some tips. I see you’ve purchased the Super Sexy Skin Program which is ideal.

          To help me guide you, would you be able to make a post in the coaching forum with these questions? So I can keep track of my advice and you can easily touch base with me with updates?

          If you go here: http://aussietransformationcoach.com/forum/forum.php

          And select the Super Sexy Skin category….then make an introductory post.

          If you need help doing that just email me direct: belinda@belindabenn.com

          I know this is another step to sort out but I will help you and you’ll enjoy keeping in touch via the forum and reading about the other ladies progress on the programs too.

          If you need any help at all navigating the site of posting, just email me :)

          Looking forward to help you look your most beautiful for December!

          Hug, Bel

  3. hI Belinda.

    I am logged in but I can’t access the forum

    • Nehal, could you please try logging in and then out again?

      I will look into this in the meantime!

      I apologize, Belinda


    Where can I find unsweetened, dried cranberries? All brands I’ve found use either apple juice or sugar to sweeten.

  5. Help I can not log in an d i am new

  6. July 4th 2013….First time logging in!!! I am excited!!! :)

  7. PAJBURGER says:

    For sure I am ready and my mind is putting together. All excited and wish me good luck


    Hi Belinda,my background as far as exercise is I belong to a gym though I’m not as Consistent as I use to be. I normally use weight machines and some free weights along with 30 minutes of aerobics. If not at there gym I do walk at least 30 to 40 min 3 3 to 4 days a week. I normally have a protein drink in the morning but find it get boring having the same thing every day. Overall would like to get more toned. Thank you


    Hi Belinda, Are there full workout videos available or just instructional? I cannot seem to locate the full versions. Thank you!

    • Hi there! All the vidoes are me taking you through each of the exercises and explaining the correct form, technique and tempo. Simply because I’ve found that is where most girls miss the mark by not getting the right mind to muscle connection – even when the video is follow along.

      Check out the Workouts of the Month here < << You'll see a downloadable PDF above the workout that summarizes the exercises and is great as a reminder. Some girls follow along with my video the first time through to get their form right, then do it on their own from there. I hope this helps and please post in the forum so I can help you get started! http://aussietransformationcoach.com/forum/forum.php


  10. Hello Belinda, starting the program on Monday looking forward to seeing the end results!!.. praying and Believing. Thank you.

    • Hi LaDonna and welcome, it’s great to have you on the program :)

      If you haven’t already please say a quick hello in the forum so I can help you get started with a personalized workout program!

      Hug, Bel xo

  11. Sorry, either you have entered an invalid username/password, or you may not have activated your account yet.

    This is the message I am getting when I input the password given to me. What is going wrong? I cannot find where I was asked to activate the account. Maybe I did not do that?



    • Hi Tanya, I just tested your login and it’s working correctly. Are you using this email: Tanya911@shaw.ca and the password that was sent you with your welcome email to login (check your junk/spam folder too)? If so, try logging out then in again using a different browser (Google Chrome is good). If you’re still having issues please let me know via the Help Desk and I will get this sorted quickly for you :)

      Don’t worry we’ll get this resolved quickly so you can get started!

      Bel xo

  12. Anne Snow says:

    Hi Belinda!

    Looking forward to working with you and everyone here!

    A little about me: 43-yrs-old, live in Colorado (the healthiest state in the USA!) but I’ve lived all over in places like NYC, Northern Cal, etc. and I’ am extensive world traveler (all 7 continents, woo hoo!). I’m a big believer in positive thinking but I have unfortunately also seen the other side of that which has effected my health at different times. I want to smash that. I know I’m not going to be a ray of sunshine 24/7 but when I am physically healthy I am mentally healthy.

    I have always struggled with my weight (so does everyone in my family) but for the past 15 years or so I have been able to be relatively thin, strong AND healthy. When I am exercising and eating well I feel/look great. When I’m not…. I dont ;)

    I think my main issue will be motivation. I have a lot on my plate at work and home but I also know that I can make the time for this. Giving up my favorite snacks (I’m a big salt tooth, I can’t get enough chips (“crisps”) and nuts, etc. those are my go to boredom food.

    In the past 6 months I have probably put on at LEAST 10 pounds. I am blaming this weight gain on my lack of motivation to work out and definitely my eating habits. I worry that I have been dragged into the post-40 weight gain “no turning back” undertow and I DONT want that!

    Looking forward to chatting with all you lovely ladies! I’d love any motivation!!!


    • Belinda says:

      Hello Anne and welcome!!

      It’s great to have you on the program :)

      I loved reading your intro. When you have time please check out the forum – and post again there so I can help you get started with a personalized workout plan and guidance re your eating. Feel free to copy and paste this post if it makes it easy :)

      Looking forward to helping you get started!!

      Bel XO

      • Anne Snow says:

        Hi Belinda!

        So I can’t figure out “how’ to post in the forum :( When I click on “Forum” it just shows me a bunch of usernames. Help?


  13. Hi Bel!

    Have signed up but haven’t received an email with log in details … HELP!!

    • Hi Kirsty and welcome!

      The welcome email sometimes goes to the Junk/Spam folder especially in Gmail. I just checked and resent so check again and if you can’t find the details please let me know via my Help Desk so I can send those to you securely :)

      Looking forward to helping you get started!

      Bel XO

  14. Kiki Turnbull says:

    I cannot login ….. Site says I am logged in but can’t go to my messages,

  15. Melissa says:

    Hi there Bel!
    I never received the Welcome to ATC email with user name/password and have not received a response to ticket or emails. I am not sure how else to contact for help. I am receiving the Get Lean emails fine so not sure what the issue may be. I tried to enter my email and click on forgot password to see if that would generate an email with a password but that didn’t work. I cannot log in to download the videos to begin the program or maybe I am misunderstanding the instructions.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Melissa!! Thank you so much for messaging me here. I received all your messages but it seems your hosting server is blocking all emails from my domains. This is why you haven’t receive my replies. Could you please message me via my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BelindaBennFans/ (you can try Facebook Messenger too: http://m.me/BelindaBennFans ) so I can send you your login details this way? I am really sorry for the trouble you’re having and hope we can connect this way :) Talk soon! Bel XO

  16. Donna Anderson says:

    Hi Belinda,
    I am so excited about starting your program. I paid for this 3 weeks ago and have not started because it took me over one week to have enough time to read all the information. How do I start where is the best starting point.

  17. Hi Bel. I’m logged and ready to go.

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