Tranformation Stories of Debi, Karen & Marny

Following are 3 more fabulous transformation stories of Get Leaners;

Debi Jones

Owner of a Mobile Coffee Business

Mother of 2

Queensland, Australia


“I always hated the way I looked going out. It was a nightmare and ended up in tears when nothing felt comfortable to wear. I wanted to be a lean strong sexy woman! I tried just about every diet under the sun and god knows how much money I have spent. But they all gave me the same result – weight loss but a free ticket back in line to get on that merry go round again and again. Get Lean finally helped me combine the right nutrition program with exercise to lose weight while keeping my energy levels high.

People around me noticed the difference and wanted to know why. Now I can wear whatever I want and feel good about myself. Belinda was always willing to answer any questions and give me the encouragement when I needed it. She taught me it’s OK to put ourselves 1st sometimes because everyone around you will benefit”.


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