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Congratulations on making the powerful decision to join Aussie Transformation Coach. By becoming an ATC private client, you have put yourself on one of the BEST transformation programs in the world. I can’t wait to get to know you better and introduce you to others just like you.

If you haven’t already please join our Facebook Get Lean Community. You’ll be able to connect with other members for support and encouragement and access to my Facebook Live Video Coaching to help guide you on the program.

Important Note: Your Product Download.  You should have received an email with your receipt which includes the link to download all your program PDF’s.  If you can’t find that link please send me a message via the Help Desk straight away so I can get that to you.  Also check your Junk/Spam folders for email notifications about the program (and move them to your Inbox so you receive all future messages).

1. Next, please watch this short orientation video. It will help you get the most out of your membership!


2. If at any time you have a question about your membership or technical issue with ATC please contact us at the link below and Meegan or myself will be back in touch with in 24 hours.


3. This site and the videos are best viewed on the Google Chrome browser:

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4. These quick reference videos below were made by ATC member and Get Leaner Crystal, so keep an eye out for her around the site. She is my behind the scenes helper along with Meegan who helps with client support.

How to LogIn and Out


How to Access Articles and Videos


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  1. Hello Belinda trying to login and get started, but somehow I can’t get past this point of posting a comment.

    • Hi Tracy! I just uploaded a video showing you how to navigate around the site :)

      Please take a look. So excited to see my star transformation here :)

      Belinda xo

  2. Hey Belinda,
    These vids are really helpful.

  3. Hi Belinda,
    I’m excited about starting the program, but am unsure how. I read downloaded the getleanworkoutjumpstartguide, but half of the pages are black and I am unable to read them. I would like to have a schedule of the 12 weeks of workouts that I need to do to get the results, but I cant figure out how to view them. What do I need to do to view them?

    Thanks. :)

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Kierin, I did a quick check on this issue. You need to make sure that Adobe Acrobat is the default viewer for the PDF’s not “Preview”. If that doesn’t work let me now, it has to do with your Adobe Acrobat settings. Make sure also that you have the latest version of Adobe:

      Please let me know, we will sort it out – one other person had this issue also and the solution above resolved it!


  4. Hi Belinda,

    I read that there is a six week fast track program with Get Lean…where would I find that? I’m still going to do the 12 weeks but need some good results faster than that for a vacation..

    Nina – a transplanted Aussie in Canada :)

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Nina!

      Aussie transplanted in Canada lol G’day!

      You will find the six week fast track program in the Get Lean Nutrition Quick Start Guide on page 14.

      If you have any questions please post them in the forum in the Ask Belinda section!!

      AND, please keep me posted on how things are going!

      P.S. where is the vacation? :)

  5. NCREYNEKE says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I just purchased your get lean program & cant wait to get started. Ive been doing Joey Atlas programs for a while now & absolutely love the results that ive gotten but i feel that doing your program will just push things up a notch:-)




    • Hi Deana, based on what you have been doing – I would like to see you do the Resistance Training 4 days a week. If you want to add in more cardio – do one of the Bodyweight Training Workouts instead of your regular cardio. Since you are more focused on toning and sculpting this will work better for you and you wont feel so burned out :) Makes sure you get 2 full rest days a week – as part of the results come during that time – so you can keep training with good form and technique.

      Please post me your questions in the forum so I can keep a track of how you are progressing – and keep tweaking your program for results.


  7. SueSTALTARI says:

    I think there is an issue with forums today. I’ve logged out numerous times then logged back in but can’t see the forum topics.

    • Hi Sue, yes we had a problem but are updating the program to solve it, I apologize and thanks for your patience!


  8. ZAHIRHACK says:

    The above videos are very informative. Thanks!


  9. ZAHIRHACK says:

    The above videos are very informative. Wondering if I should start the 6 weeks fast track get lean or the 12 weeks.
    My B/day is June 4th and I need a new look! Will be doing the 6 basic exercise ball stretches shortly.


    • Hi Noreen :)

      To answer your questions accurately I need a little more info – what you have been doing up until now, what you eating has been like, what goals do you have for your body, specifically? If you could post that info in the forum under “Ask Belinda” that would be awesome so I can give you the exact advice you need to see the absolutely best results within the next 5 weeks! Bel

  10. Hi Belinda. I’ve just purchased your program and am super excited to get started.

    I’ve been working out for literally years and years yet I’m unable to lose weight (ideally 10 pounds) and I can’t seem to get that incredible ‘lean’ look. (My eating habits are healthy but I see from your guide I could really do with tweaking it).

    I do hard-core cardio (in the form of spinning) mixed with cardio-weight training (classes such as 30:60:90, Chiseled, Metcon and personal training) 4 days a week (wed, saturday and sunday I don’t work out) and have excellent stamina and strength. Could I begin the advanced workouts in the get lean program or should I start as a beginner?

    • Hi Jeli!

      It would help to have a little more info both re your current physique and your training. Could you please post in the forum – if you want under Journals and Progress Pics – your stats (height, weight, BF% if you know it), photos are optional, and then your main areas of concern that you want to target with your workouts (apart from the weight loss). If you are able to give me a little more detail on your weekly training – how often are the weight sessions and how long for, and if you feel any post workout soreness at all – that will also help.

      That should give me enough information to make sure you start out strong!


  11. Hi Belinda! I `m very excited and ready to do some hard work:)

  12. TAMMYSTIEMKE says:

    Whew! I am in at last. Now where to start? I am about 50 lbs. overweight with a neck injury on the right side. The docs tell me I shouldn’t jump or run so other than resistance training, I am wondering my best plan of attack would be? I was a slim, trim 17% body fat girl and now….well, let’s just say, “not very lean anymore”. I saw that you are 48 too so wondered how long it took you to get as lean as you are and what to expect? Honestly, it is the first time I’ve ever been this heavy so decided it is time to get up off my backside and do something about it before it gets any worse. By the way, you look absolutely AMAZING!

    • Hi Tammy,

      Welcome and congrats on taking this positive step forward, I can’t wait to help you on the journey.

      Could you please post your question in the forum? It makes it a lot easier for me to keep track of your training and coaching.

      I am going to email you direct as well just to check a couple of things!

      Talk soon :)

      Bel xo

  13. LUCARAPOLLA says:

    HI Belinda,
    I’m really excited to start but unfortunately I have not received the email to confirm the premium transformation package. I’m not sure if something went wrong while paying but I have the paypal receipt and access to this site so I have to assume that the payment went through. Please HELP!!!!

    • Hello! I am excited to have you on the program :)

      I just checked and we have a record of your purchase and membership registration. Within the next hour we will resend the email with your download details and a request to confirm your registration (click the link inside the email).

      Thanks so much for contacting us. In the future if you need any help with issues like this please submit a ticket here:

      Please say “hi” in the forum and I look forward to helping you get started!



    I’m Nadia.I “heard” about you surfing on the net.Since my pocket isn’t doing very well lately I spent almost a month and a half saving money for my body an my mind and here I am.I’m a member since yesterday and I practically read once everything I was sent. I am a bit confused concerning the nutrition part and less about the training plan since I was working out for many many years.I have the fear of not having enough time during the day to prepare all the menus I will be needing either for the same or the next day.I ‘ll do my best and as you advised I don;t expect perfection straight away. I am 39 years old, I was an athlete for almost 20 years.Now I am a mother of two boys (10 and 9) and my body is a combination of skinny-fat from waist up and full of cellulite and shagginess at the lower part. Any suggestions of how to combine the training courses you provided for better results?


    I posted at the newbies. Is it OK?
    Sorry I am not a good user of forums.Actually it;s the first time I do it. If the new post isn’t enough let me know exactly what you need me to do.
    Unfortunately I do not have a steady program. I work on shifts first day evening, next afternoon, next day morning and same day also night from 23:00-04:00.I cannot sleep early during those days. Then I spend 3 days off.I steadily work out the last 3 months after 15 years or so and my body is starting building muscle again but no loss of fat as I can see up to now.I have 1,73 cm of height and I weigh 54kilos. I;m from Greece and I have always followed traditional food habits. No special nutrition habits. That means cooked (maybe overcooked) vegetables, meat (don’t like it a lot), white meat, cheese, bread, etc. I workout at home during the morning around 10-11:00 , I have regular meals the days I don’t work but up to now not more than 4 meals per day. Sometimes I forget to eat.I don’t think I can afford loosing weight. Fat yes!

  16. Hi Belinda

    are you able to purchase the nurtution package without committing to the ongoing monthly costs each month afterwards. I wanted to see how the first few months go first before committing

  17. MONTEENALANE says:

    Hello, I am new to the site. I am 50 years young….You all can call me Monti..I enjoy working out but, I tend to get bored after 8 weeks or so. I am excited to get started with the transformation…..


    Hi There,
    I am a newbie. I am hurtling towards fat, forty (at the end of the year) and flabulous and want to change to my future to fab, forty and fabulous. I have been ‘dieting’ for nearly 20 years and that is really depressing if you stop and think about it because the only thing that’s lighter is my bank balance. Unfortunately I have to have an operation in a couple of weeks time (third in 18 months) so will be out of action completely for a couple of weeks and then with very limited upper body movements for anything up to 6 months rehab, however decided to take this opportunity to at least get myself set to change my eating habits, and will add in the exercise as I can. (Of course hospital food and the havoc general anaesthetic and pain medication plays on my body will set me back for a week or so, as will trying to prepare food with only one arm able to be used, but hopefully this will give me the tools and motivation to succeed this time.)

    • Hi Bernadette and welcome!

      I think a lot of women here can relate to your 20 year diet. You’ll be happy to know Get Lean is designed to build healthy, sustainable eating habits for the long term. It really works!

      Sorry to hear about your operation. But having this program and access to the forum and all the motivational resources will help a lot to keep you positive and focused on eating healthy. And there are heaps of fantastic recipes in the program.

      You are right re the op and anesthetic. Great idea to get prepared now. Stock up on the foods you need, maybe even prepare some and freeze. Make sure you have lot of healthy snack options. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

      Once you have doctors clearance to do light exercise for the lower body please let me know by posting in the forum.

      In the meantime, any questions – please post them there so I can support you (and the other girls here) during the weeks ahead.


  19. CINDY COLLINS says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I have printed out everything! I need to build my binder. My question is what order does this go in?


    • Hi Cindy,

      The Nutrition has Part 1, 2 and 3, pop them in that order. Store the workouts in order of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, workouts 1-4. Put the Quick Start and Jump Start Guide at the beginning.

      If you have any questions please post them in the forum!

      Click Here for the Forum <—

  20. SHELLEYHUBON says:

    HI belinda I am not sure what to say but I am hoping that this progam will change my life by improove my health my self confidence so here goes

    • Welcome Shelley! It’s great to have you here, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you improve your health, fitness and self confidence!


  21. VICKIAGLAND says:

    Hi Everyone.
    first time here and feeling very anxious about it all. Dont know what to expect, but at the same time excited that this could be what ive been looking for to help with my battle with food and my hate of excercise. so wish me luck :) cheers Vic

  22. Hello Belinda!

    I am so excited to start your program. I am 45 and in “decent” shape but have noticed that I now have some belly fat where I was always so thin, even after 3 kids. It is like it happened overnight, but I know that is the case – I was used to eating what I wanted with no consequences and it finally caught up with me! I have always been a regular exerciser, but now I can’t seem to get back the shape I want. My legs have always been my finest asset but a couple weeks ago as I was looking in the mirror, I thought, “Omg….I have 45 year old legs!” They are no longer muscular (but not flabby) and they have a few dimpley looking areas along the inner front. I have never had this before, so help! Also, on my lower hip area, I have noticed some stretch marks and have no idea when those came about or what to do about them. They are not purplish as some people complain of, they just look like creases in my hip/side buttock area.

    Cannot wait to get home and get started on your program tonight!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Tonya!! I just read your first forum post and replied :)

      I hear you on the legs, actually I have a few stretch marks in the exact spot you mention also. I never noticed them either. I can really relate to your sudden enlightenment – oh crikies, what happened to my legs. It was exactly like that for me age 38.

      Anyway – good news – I have the solution!

      Check out my answer to your forum post and talk soon :)


      • Hi Belinda
        I have noticed the same as Tonya. My diet is healthy but my biggest problem is nibbling at night in front of the TV. I run 3 times a week and weight train three times a week. I have a low carb diet is I am gluten intolerant and have IBS. So snacking at night is usually nuts which is obviously high in fat. I have recently read about intermittent fasting ( Leangains) and thought this might be a way of loosing that last 3kg I have been trying to loose for years. What are your thoughts on this diet plan? I look forward to your reply.
        Kind regards

        • Hi Linda, lovely to hear from you.

          I hear you on the gluten free and IBS. Like you said, nuts are not ideal at night, plus are more difficult to digest.

          I am not a big fan of fasting or intermittent fasting – because for most women it tends to trigger rebound eating. Mostly because of the drop in blood sugar levels which leads to cravings.

          Take a look at the Gluten Free Breakfast Options and the alternative snacks.

          Have you had a look through the Get Lean Eating Plan? There are lots of gluten free substitutes in the Recipes of the Month as well.

          If you post in the forum I can help you with the specifics!


  23. Hi
    I’m Helen and have just joined today. Am 58 years young, a grandma, but in pretty good shape as I enjoy mountain biking and have been doing lunges for a while. Still cant shift the cellulite on the front of my thighs though so thought it worthwhile to try a new program. Your site looks fantastic :-)

    • Hi Helen :)

      Wonderful to meet you, welcome and thank you!

      Where are you based in NZ? My Dad was born in NZ and I am going to live in Wellington next year :)

      When you have a moment please check out the forum:

      This is where you can get all your questions answered, get inspired by other’s experiences plus some personalized guidance from me.

      If you need some help putting together your workout program – just let me know. Also you might like to check out the latest Workout of the Month, the Anti-Cellulite Workout. If that’s a little difficult to start with let me know and I’ll recommend one of the other lower body workouts.

      Talk soon!

      Belinda xo

  24. Hey Belinda

    good suggestions thanks. Will try the anti-cellulite work out after work today. I am based in Christchurch but work in Wellington a lot. Seems like earthquakes are following me around LOL :-)

  25. Hi Belinda:

    Started your program one week ago and I feel great, alternating days with resistance and bodyweight training plus 30 minutes of cardio a day (HITT every other day). I am also following the nutrition plan. I love it, it is easy to follow and I am looking forward to seeing the changes not only with my body but confidence and attitude.

    • Hi Tanya – thank you for posting. It sounds like you’ve hit the ground running – great routine, well done. I’m excited to see what’s possible for you too :)

      When you have a moment, I’d love you to check out the forum and post there. It’s a great place to share you results and also touch base with me for extra guidance and coaching – especially re the workouts as you progress.

      Forum <<<< Can’t wait to hear your next update! Bel

  26. Hi Belinda,

    I am unable to access any of the videos as the log-in does not seem to recognize my email to reset password?? Help! I am anxious to begin your programs but cannot access the videos.


    • Hi Deborah, I will check this now and email you direct. For some reason this message didn’t show up until today, I hope by now we’ve got this sorted. If you ever need help with logging in please submit a ticket here and we will get back to you straight away!

      Talk soon!


  27. MARYAMANSARI says:

    Hello dear blenda,

    I hope i get lean quikckly

  28. haagsma says:

    dear belinda i have bought the get lean programm and i am very excited.
    Mij lenght is 168 en mu weight 53kg. Mij proble is my celulite om the back of my legs en i have a litle belly. Can you advise me with the program ad can you giveme spacial foodadvice?

    • Belinda says:

      Hello and welcome! I’m excited to have you on the program :)

      I have a few questions – you can either answer here, or post in the forum:

      And I will put together a starting program for you.

      Have you been exercising? If so, what have you been doing and how often? What has your eating been like – what do you find difficult?

      How old are you and do you have an injuries I should know about?

      Let me know and I explain the next steps!

      Bel xo

  29. Hello,

    I am doing the first Advanced Bodyweight Workout–I have my printouts, and I just watched the videos, but I’m not confident about the timing. Is this right: I do each exercise for 25 seconds, and then is the entire circuit all six exercises? If so, that means I repeat them all until I’ve reached 3-5 minutes. Then I rest for two minutes (or do I rest after each circuit?), then I repeat the process until I’ve gone for as long as I want (which should be about 25 minutes this week, I think I read somewhere).

    Is that right?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Karisha, thanks for posting this question. Yes that is exactly right – well done.

      Starting out, you might like to count how many repetitions you can do in 25 seconds for each exercise – and use that as a guide for the second circuit rather than using the timer. Either way is OK, whatever feels easier for you :)

      Please let me know how it goes!


  30. Thank you! So when does the two-minute rest come in? After the 3-5 minutes of repeating the circuit?

  31. Super psyched to get started!

    • I’m excited to have you on board Dana!! Please post in the forum and let me know a little about yourself, your story and your goals so I can help you get started!

      Bel xo

  32. Hi Belinda! I just joined and introduced myself in the newbie forum! What do I do next I’m a little confused!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Angie, awesome!! And welcome :)

      I will be in the forum today and answer you there as to the next steps. Stand by!!

      In the meantime, if you haven’t already watch the welcome video on your dashboard login here.

      Bel xo

  33. Hi Belinda – I sent you an email today using my second name Steph – hope you received it? Looking forward to your response.

    Martha Cheung

  34. Hello! I am ready to start transforming into the new ME and not only seeing the results but feeling this change as well ; )
    So so super stoked!!!!

    • Hey Laura and welcome!!

      Very excited to have you on the program :)

      When you get a moment, please post your intro in the Forum so I can help you get started with a personalized workout plan!

      Bel xo

  35. GuidaFerreira says:

    Hi Belinda, looking forward to the journey and the results I will achieve. I have been doing your calvin Kline core and the make your butt smile workouts for past last week and I can already see results.

    • Hello Guida, and welcome :)

      I am excited to have you on the program. Well done on doing my core and butt workouts – that’s a great start and very happy to hear you’re seeing results already. That’s very exciting. When you have time please post in the forum and I will help you get started with the program!

      Bel xo

  36. Hi Belinda, I’ve just joined the plan and although it looks very good I can’t watch any of the videos because of a privacy setting. I only use an iPad so I’m wondering if it’s not compatible, any suggestions?

    Thanks, Joanne x

    • Hi Joanne!

      Welcome and thank you for letting me know :)

      The videos should play on an iPad or phone no worries. I just need to do a little troubleshooting re the privacy settings.

      I just tested your login and the videos are playing OK. Please try logging out, restarting your iPad and then using a different browser (either Safari or Chrome) try to login again and see if you can view the videos. If not, could you please send me a message via the Help Desk and I will help sort this out quickly for you!

      When you have a moment please post in the forum so I can hep you get started :)

      Bel xo

  37. Hi Belinda
    I have joined because I’m tired of yo-yoing with my weight, my nutrition and my fitness levels. I need to make it a lifestyle as I am nearly 43 and have never been happy with my weight. Bring it on!!

    Now where do I go to get started?


    • Belinda says:

      Hi Luda!

      Welcome to Get Lean :)

      I am excited to see you get started and start seeing results!

      Please go to the forum and make an introduction post there and I will guide you through next steps to getting started quickly and easily.

      Talk soon!


  38. Hi Belinda – I can’t seem to find the place in the program where the recommended guide to the amount of training is?

    ie. Bodyweight training x twice a week
    Resistance training x twice a week
    HIIT x twice a week

    Please could you point me in the right direction as I have seen it but can’t remember where.


    • Hey Nicky!

      There is a sample guide to weekly frequency in the Jump Start Training Guide. And in each training PDF on the last page there is a progression plan.

      Let me know if this helps.

      Also, in you haven’t already please post in the forum so we can help you with this – with more specific guidance on what’s ideal for your body and goals.

      Thank you!

      Bel XO

  39. Hello, Belinda, i´m so happy with the program, but guess what??..i just found out i´m pregnant!!! only 7 weeks!!
    Are the excercises good for me , which ones should I keep on practicing ?….thank you so much.

    • Hi Luisa!

      I just saw your post and congratulations! I think I already replied by email now. Please let me know you’ve received that message :)

      Bel xoxo

  40. NatalieSutton says:

    I’m a newbie that just watched the Start Here video. But I’m not sure what to do next. How do I know what exercises to do and what to focus on diet wise?

    • Hi Natalie!

      Welcome to Get Lean :)

      I see you’ve posted in the forum – excellent and thank you. I will be answering you there later today. In the meantime I also saw your ticket re the downloads and have answered that. Your download link is in your receipt and I’ve included that in my reply to you. In your downloads you’ll find your 90 Day Eating Plan and workout overview. Via the forum I will help you put together the ideal weekly workout program with links to the corresponding videos.

      Thanks posting and looking forward to helping you get started!


  41. I did not get my get quick guide download that explains everything.

    • Hi Lisa! Welcome to Get Lean and thanks for contacting me quickly so I can help you with this. I’m excited to have you on board – I know you are going to LOVE the program.

      The download link is in your receipt email, I’ve just emailed that to you again – check your Inbox and please let me know.

      Please also take a moment to say “hi” in the forum so I can help you get started with a personalized workout plan:

      I’m looking forward to coaching you!

      Bel xo

  42. Soraida Alma says:

    HI Belinda, I am excited to get started but not sure where to start and how to use the workout program or meal plans. CAn you please help?

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Soraida, YES absolutely and welcome to the program :)

      I’ve just answered your Help Desk Ticket and email so check your Junk/Spam folders for those replies.

      I will help you get started easily and put together the right workout plan :)

      Please take a moment to say “hi” in the forum so I can help you get started with a personalized workout plan and guide you with the meals:

      I will take you step by step through getting started!!

      I’m looking forward to coaching you!

      Bel XO

      PS. If you need more help please just let me know :)

  43. Hi Belinda,

    I just signed up and looking forward to reading through all the information. Unfortunately all of the above video’s are just black coloured boxes and no video’s play…


    • Please ignore my last message – video’s are now working!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Karla and welcome, great to have you on board.

      Could you please logging out then logging back in again and see if the issue persists? Also try using a different web browser, Chrome seems to work best. If you’re still having problems please send me a message via the Help Desk so I can help troubleshoot this quickly for you :)

      When you have a moment please say “hi” in the forum and tell me a little about yourself and your goals so I can help you get started!!

      Bel xo

  44. Kiki Turnbull says:

    Hi, I have downloaded and read all the info. I am ready to start!! What are the next steps? Taining looks very cool.

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Kiki!! GREAT and welcome :)

      The next step is to post an intro in the forum. Please tell me a little about yourself and your goals and I’ll reply with some background questions and the next steps! Talk soon :) Bel xo

  45. Anna-marie Carvell-hall says:

    Hi there,

    So I’ve purchased the plan but I’m not sure what to do next or where to start.

  46. Hi Bel,

    I am so excited! I have been feeling a bit defeated having just turned 50, and finding it is getting harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight. I also have abdominal fat that I have never had before :( I thought I would have to accept that it is how it is going to be, but I am so pleased to read about women my age who have overcome the weight struggles!
    I also see that I am not alone in my love of wine…..I am keen to have support in reducing my intake right back!
    So my goal is to lose 8kg and feel energetic and toned.

    • Hi Bella!! I am excited for you too :) I understand how you’re feeling, I’m 52 and know the challenges. You’re certainly not alone, especially re the tummy fat and the alcohol lol. You’re amongst friends and you’re going to love the support via the forum. When you have a moment please go there and make your intro post and I’ll answer with the next steps!! Bel XO

  47. Hi There,

    Thanks to you & Meegan for fixing my log in details & sending me the vegetarian guide.

    Have just returned from a holiday ready to start fresh on Monday. Recently started an 8 week challenge locally but due to work commitments, being unwell & then the holiday in 2 weeks behind but will be planning to mix this program with regular classes so that I’m mixing with other great people & plenty of support.

    This year I’ve really not focused on any exercise allowing work to get in the way after previously doing crossfire 5/6 times per week.

    I’d like to get the motivation for next year to be committed & disciplined again with a shed full of kettle bells, pull up bar & suspension trainer etc so would be keen in the new year to determine the best way to combine both this program & the equipment that I own!

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Caren!! Welcome to the program :) I am excited for you to get started. I’ve just answered your first post here. In your reply please include the information above re the equipment you have and the workouts you’ve been doing. Talk soon! Bel xo

  48. SandraMendoza says:

    Hi, My name is Sandy, I am 46 years old and excited to start program. My biggest obstacle is consistency. I usually start something and end up not continuing it due to time constraints. I am a nurse, work 5 days a week and take call since I work in the operating room, so 5 days the last 2 weeks turned into 12 days straight. I am also in school pursuing my bachelors degree, come home everyday and cook dinner to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as you can see I am very busy and it’s easy to give up on workouts when needing to do everyday chores. I have always carried most of my weight in my thighs but as I am getting older the amount of cellulite drives me crazy. I am 5’3″ and weigh 124lbs, most people do not consider me overweight. My main goal is to tone up. I have also been in surgical menopause since the age of 35 and I know hormones play a huge part in our bodies. I need the motivation and results to stick to a program and I am looking forward to hopefully this being it!!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Sandy! Welcome to the Get Lean, I am excited for you. You’re going to get great results. If you haven’t already please go to the forum and introduce yourself (you can copy and paste this message if that’s easier). I’ll reply with some background questions and help you get started with the right workouts: Go To The Coaching Forum << Bel XO

  49. Rebecca says:

    Hi, my Name is Rebecca. I am a 40 year old wife and mother of two, I am looking to loose a few extra kilos that I have. I am in the planning stage and am keen to start as soon as possible, I have had a look at the Menu and just wondering if there are any good Chia Seed recipes that I can substitute instead of the oatmill??

    • Belinda says:

      HI Rebecca and welcome!! Could you please copy and paste this into an intro post in the forum and I’ll reply with some getting started questions and guide you with your eating plan? If you need help posting just let me know :0 Bel XO

  50. Hi Bel

    I am new and unfamiliar with threads. I’m trying to post on my original thread to reply to Prue. It is telling me that because I logged out (accidently) I cant post on the original thread. Can you please advise me on how to get back to our conversation or what to do.
    Thank you so much.

  51. Pauline says:

    Hi Belinda,
    I am a little overwhelmed by all of this and not sure if I am doing things in the correct order. Thought I would start here with a short intro. I am 43 and have gained 20kgs while suffering Hashimoto. I am desperate to turn things around. I am a mother of 3 and live remote. I have 1 child still in Primary School and travel 120km/day (round trip) to take her to school where I also work. I need to be gluten and dairy free and was just wondering if I could get some help with that to get me started.

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Pauline and welcome! I am excited for you to get started. We’ve had quite a few ladies on the program with Hashimoto’s who’ve achieved excellent results. Did you see this interview with Susan on my Facebook Live? That’s a long trip every day!! OK, if you could make an intro post in my coaching forum I’ll give you some background questions, a workout to test and allocate your Get Lean Coach. If you need help posting just let me know via my Help Desk. Once you gets started with your coaching you’ll find things will fall into place step by step. Also please make sure you join our Get Lean Facebook Community. Big hug and talk soon! Bel XO

  52. ClareC5 says:


    Clare from England :) I joined last Sunday and trying to read everything in between work etc.! Done 3 of the videos but not sure what I should be doing and in what order? Usually exercise 4-5 times a week so looking for guidance. Used to do lots of cardio, got a bit obsessed, but now try to do HIIT and stretching with a bit of yoga at weekends, time permitting!

    Happy to answer the questions :)

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Clare x

    • Hi Clare and welcome!! Well done on doing 3 workouts already. Excellent to hear you’re looking to get a more balanced program. I can definitely help you with this. If you haven’t already please go to the coaching forum, post your intro and I’ll reply with some questions re your goals and where you’re at, give you a workout to test and allocate your Get Lean Coach who will be working with you – to guide you with your workout and eating plan. If you need help posting just message me back! XO

  53. Kim Lovett says:

    Kia Ora Belinda,
    I’m from the small rural town of Waiuku in NZ and have just joined your program. I am turning 50 next month and need to make some serious changes, as I haven’t cared for, or about, myself in many years. I’m feeling really motivated, and looking forward to getting into it. I’ve been following the basic principals for the last few days; I haven’t been able to exercise due to a back injury, which is slowly improving. I can now at least go for a brisk walk. Just a question ~ my husband and I are going to Brisbane for a week in four weeks time, and I wondered whether to start the program now, stick to the basic principals as best as possible while away, and continue where I left off when I return home? Or should I start over? It’s to celebrate my 50th and I’d like to relax a bit more with food (there may be a fair bit of eating out, and drinking also, lol) I will still make the effort to not go overboard, and will no doubt not feel the temptation as much after doing the program for the first month.
    Thanks so much,
    Kim :)

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Kim and welcome! I am excited for you to get started. We have lots of Kiwi girls here. Great question. I find the best results come from starting now and then when you have your birthday celebration trip – relaxing – then picking up when you get back. It’s much easier to pick up having made progress prior and become familiar with the plan than start from the beginning if that makes sense. We’ll guide you step by step. If you haven’t already please go to the forum now and post your intro (including this information). I’ll reply with some getting started questions, give you a workout to test and allocate your Get Lean Coach. Talk soon! Bel XO

  54. alison hosie says:

    Hello Bel!
    I’m back and so excited – looking forward to getting this right :0)
    ali xxx

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