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  1. Newbie!! Kinda overwhelmed with all the info… But, I’m going to take it slow and get organized! I’m really excited to get started:)

    • Hey Amber!

      Great to meet you and thanks for joining, I’m excited to have you on board.

      Please post a “hello” in the forum when you have time, tell me a little about yourself and goals and I’ll help you get started.

      Looking forward to working together with you :)

      Bel xo

  2. Géraldine says:

    Bonjour !

    I think I understand what AMorrison feels, I have been spending the last four days reading and watching the most I could to figure out things. My conclusions are: jump into it Géraldine! You will understand it by immersing yourself…
    I am scared though, because I do not have a body with the the fat around my belly or on the upper part, everything is on my legs
    and I am really not sure that it is something I can get rid of…

    There is something else I can’t do figure out as well, it is to finding myself goals (daily, weekly and monthly one)…
    My main problem is my relation with food, so i guess that my daily objective will be to stick blindly to the recipes book…
    However, i can’t figure out weekly or monthly goals. I am far too heavy to decide that I will run a 5km race in two months of something like that.
    Anyway, I will start in the coming days after I have read the Nutrition Part…

    Good night or good day to everyone!

    • Hi Géraldine, I just saw this post :)

      By now you’ve posted in the forum and you’e started which is great!

      I understand re your goals – and you’re right, at first setting yourself goals of sticking to your eating and workout plan daily, weekly and monthly is enough. As you go other goals will emerge – ones that feel motivating to you. We can talk more about this via the forum :)

      I’m excited to see your progress!

      Bel xo

  3. soniateunis says:

    Hi! also a NEWBIE xxx A little overwhelmed with all the downloads and information???hope I can get it right……

  4. Hi I’m Jane and feeling excited that I’ve joined up today but nervous as well. I’m fast approaching 50 and am in the throngs of the menopause and realized after literally a lifetime of dieting that all I’ve done is put more weight on, messed up my metabolism and have a terrible relationship with food. I’m obese and diabetic so wanted to check that I’m OK to follow the plan and wanted some advice on where to start with the exercise.

    • Hi Jane! Great to meet you and I understand how you’re feeling :)

      Please go to the coaching forum:

      And make an introduction post there (tell me a little about yourself and your goals) and I will reply with the next steps to getting started and your personalized exercise plan.

      Looking forward to coaching you! Bel XO

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