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    Super excited to start this program :) this will be one unforgettable summer…. I’m gonna be rockin that beach ;)

  2. Hello :)

    What post workout supplement would you recommend?

    • Hi Juz!

      I just got your other message – it depends on the person, their current weight, BF% and physique goals. I’ll answer you direct via your other message :)


  3. ROBINSCHMID says:

    I purchased the Get Lean workout package but would LOVE to get your recipe book. How can I purchase that separately? Help please! Thank you! Very excited about my package!!!


    Hi Bell,
    I finally did it. I am so ready to transform and get healthy.

  5. ClaireL says:

    Hi I just joined today… Feeling I am in need of help as I have failed at weightloss.
    I have had a personal trainer for 11 weeks and I have gained 3 lbs. I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I weighed less before I started with her….feel sad and stupid.

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Claire, welcome to the program and great to have you on board! Sorry to hear about that experience. Please don’t let those negative feelings get you down. It’s not your fault and there are many explanations for something like this. Please take a moment to say “hi” in the forum and I’ll help you get started :)

      Click here for the forum << I’m looking forward to coaching you! Bel xo


    I have purchased the program however I have to hotspot my laptop in order to access internet….. for some reason I cant get my email provider to open my emails is there any other way that I can get the downloads so I can put onto my laptop or can I only access them through email???/

    • Hi Nyomi! Yes I think I can send you the files via Facebook if that would work for you? If you could message me there let’s try it!! I just answered your post in the forum, I am excited for you to get started :) XOXO

  7. DebbieB7 says:

    Hi Belinda, I have been reading the books before I get started and I am trying to get organised before I leap in, I have noticed that the prograde products are not available in Australia and wondered if you have other protein powders you can recommend, there are so many out there and my sons take one that is muscle building etc and it bulks them up, I don’t want to be bulking up lol, thanks x

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