How to Track Your Transformation

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  1. I just purchased your Get Lean Program But it will not let me watch “how to track your transformation video”
    Regards Tanja

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Tanja, Welcome!!

      Are you logged into ATC? Go to the Member Options at the top of this page and check that you are logged in. Or you can click this link:

      Let me know! Belinda

    • Sorry, I have tried to access this too via my iphone and laptop. I’m logged into the website. Can you help? x

      • Hey Kelly, no need to apologize. This sometimes happens when your computer or phone is storing the old cookies.

        I tested your login and I can view everything OK so please try this test:

        1. Logout of the coaching website by clicking “logout”

        2. Restart your computer or phone then log into the membership site using a different browser than you did previously.

        3. If that doesn’t work please let me know through my Help Desk so we can troubleshoot. Let me know what browser you are using and the more information you can give me the quicker I can help you sort this out.

        I have a feeling the above test should do the trick – please let me know!

        Bel XO


    I got it to work choping in the talk but good information

    • Thanks Elaine, yes I apologize for that, I had an issue with the microphone. I am going to re-record this soon!

      Please let me know if you have any questions…



    Hi there,
    i did not see the link for the fat measurement tool.
    Can you please send it?

  4. CARONCONE says:


    I am logged in, but this video won’t play. What do you suggest?

    Thank you!


    • Belinda says:

      Hi there! I just checked and it’s playing OK on my end…

      I could be a couple of things. Try using a different browser – Google Chrome for example.

      Also, double check if you can watch videos online (youtube).

      Try logging in and out again.

      If this doesn’t work – then please let us know here: and we’ll do some deeper trouble shooting!!

      PS. Your internet connection could be very slow. If so, let the video load first for a few minutes while on pause, then play.


    Woo hoo keen to get started, just ordered the body fat monitor, time to throw away the scales!! a much healthier mindset.

    • Belinda says:

      Awesome Nicole!! Well done :)

      Looking forward to helping you with this journey towards a new, leaner, healthier you!


  6. I’m on a Mac and “Right-click and Save As to download the video now” doesn’t work I get other options!

    How do I download on a Mac?

    • Hi Kim, thanks for posting this question! The best way to do this on a Mac is go to Google Chrome, then click the link and that should start the download. You’ll see a little icon come up on the bottom left hand side of the browser window showing the download progress. Once the download is complete the file will open automatically and you can save it to the appropriate folder – or you can find it later in your downloads folder. I hope this helps – please let me know :)


  7. I downloaded all of the files but when I tried to open the tracking sheets they wouldn’t read on my computer. Is there anyway to redownload them Thank you kindly

    • Hi Angela!

      Thanks for posting this question. I am going to email you the tracking sheets directly :)

      Check your Inbox. If you don’t see the email please message me at my Help Desk as sometimes emails go to the junk/spam folder.

      Talk soon! Bel xo

  8. Leonie Campbell says:

    Hi Belinda,
    I have just purchased your program and when I have logged in it says “Sorry you don’t have access to this content.”

    • Hi Leonie! Welcome to the program :)

      Sorry for the trouble you’ve had. I just tested your login and can access everything OK. Please logout then back in again and check. If you’re still having trouble please send me a message via my Help Desk and we’ll fix this together quickly for you. If all good, please go to the forum and say “hi” so I can help you get started with a personalized workout plan. Talk soon! Bel

  9. Hi Bel,

    Can you advise where to buy the Omron Portable Body Fat Analyzer (Model HBF-306) in Australia? I’m having trouble finding any one who will ship to Australia.

    Have you had any other clients in Australia that have found them here?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Kelly! I thought Amazon shipped to Oz. If that’s changed maybe ring Omron Australia and check where it’s sold in Oz? If you get stuck please let me know through my Help Desk :) Bel XO

  10. Hi Bel, do you have a progress chart that you can record your measurements and body fat percentage on please. I’ve looked through the my get lean downloads and this site but can’t find anything.
    Many thanks
    X x

    • Hey Lizzie!! We don’t have a prepared chart was we prefer to track this via your coaching thread in the forum. Have you posted there? Some girls use an excel spreadsheet. I’ve made a note to include this in my next update of the program! Bel XO

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