How To Hit The Ground Running in 2013!

Hey everyone!

As Christmas and the New Year are approaching, I decided to film this short motivational video message to help get you through the next couple of weeks and hit the ground running in 2013!


Quick summary of the key points I mention in the video…..


1. Dealing With Social Pressures

Don’t do things just to make others happy if those things are not important to you. Be guided by your own goals, values and desires and don’t allow the judgment of others to get you off track.  Value yourself enough to place a higher priority on what you think and believe rather than what others expect of you.  In the long run they will respect you for it and you’ll be stronger, more competent and capable in life.


2. Don’t Take On Too Much

Set your own pace and don’t take on the responsibilities of others without considering the cost. It’s OK to put yourself first and protect your precious life energy so you do have the time for things that are important to you.  If you try to do too much you won’t have time for what’s important and to simply relax and recharge.  Remember, you’re in this for the long run so don’t burn out by trying to cram too much into life.


3. Bend don’t break!

Be flexible and give yourself some slack when you miss a few days. Being too rigid or regimented ultimately leads to failure as life is always full of the unexpected. Just re-group, get up the next day and do your best.  A few days missed or a few extra treats won’t affect your progress in the long term.


4. Get Back On Track Quickly

Don’t procrastinate or makes excuses. Just do “something” – something is better than nothing. By just doing something you break the cycle of doing nothing, and suddenly it’s a thousand times easier to say no to the chocolate cake and get up early to workout.  Set yourself the goal of doing one positive small change each day – at the end of a week you’ll be stunned at your progress!  It’s that simple, so simple that’s where people miss it.  Don’t be one of them!


5. Don’t Underestimate What You Are Capable Of

Don’t EVER underestimate yourself. By doing so you prevent yourself from discovering your true potential, which is way beyond what most people believe they are capable of.  Allow your personal transformational power to be released from within you by accepting the truth that you can achieve your goals and dreams.



    hi belinda,
    dealing with social pressures has not been my strength in my life! But guess what…2013 is about what i value and putting myself first so there is a better and happier me to be able to be social! makes sense dosen’t it! have a smiley day where ever you are! Nora

    • Hello Nora! Great to hear from you :)

      I admire your self reflection – just that awareness alone is a powerful force to help you change things for the better..I look forward to hearing how things go this year!

      Bel xo

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