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—- Full Body Workouts —-

(Easiest to More Challenging)

Beginner Full Body – No Squats or Lunges Workout

Exercise Technique: Getting Started

Bodyweight Burn: Beginner

Resistance Reshaping Beginner

Gentle Full Body Toning

Body Toning Routine

Beginner Mini-Power Band Toning

HIIT Fitness Booster

Dynamic Dumbbell Training

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Dynamic Recovery Workouts (Weights or Power Band)

Legs, Abs and Arms Exercise Ball Workout

Power Band Body Toning

Body Balance: Arms, Abs and Legs

The Bodyweight Timesaver Power Workout

Full Body Barbell Training

Resistance Reshaping Advanced

Kick-Butt Full Body Burn

30-Minute Power-Blast Workout

Full-Body Fitness Challenge

The Optimizer Workout

HIIT Cardio-Toning Workout

Advanced Full Body Chair Workout

Mini Power Band Toning Workout

Cardio Fat Burning: 3 Exercise Circuit 

Full Body Fat Burning Workout

New Year Kickstarter Workout

Bodyweight Burn: Advanced

Suspension Band Fitness Challenge

Suspension Band Mix & Match Workout

Advanced Core-Cardio Challenge

Advanced Bodyweight Tabata Challenge



—- Upper Body Workouts —-

(Easiest to More Challenging)

Time Saver Upper Body : Beginner

Sexy Arms Workout!

Upper Body Conditioning

Banish The Bra Fat

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Suspension Band Upper Body

Time Saver Upper Body : Advanced

Bel’s Upper Body Classic


—- Lower Body Workouts —-

(Easiest to More Challenging)

Pre-Workout Hip Mobility Routine

Knee Friendly Leg Toning Workout

Low-Impact Lower-Body

Leaner Legs Workout (Starter Version)

Lower Body Add-On Booster

Low-Impact High-Results Lower Body Toning

Knee Strengthening Circuit

Inner-Outer Thigh Toning

Leg Toning Workout 1 (6 Strategic Sculpting Exercises)

Get Lean Barre Workout 1

Leg Toning Workout 2 (6 Power Moves)

Sexy Legs Workout 1

Leg Toning with Dumbbells

Buns Of Steel

Smash The Saddlebags

Beautiful From Behind

Bye Bye Cellulite

The Anti-Cellulite Workout

Target Your Trouble Zones

Tighten, Tone & Burn

20-Minute HIIT Lower Body

Time Saver Lower Body

Suspension Band Lower Body

Sexy Butt Workout 1

Lower Body Tighten, Tone & Define

Lower Body High Intensity Interval Training

Leaner Legs (Advanced)

Power Glutes

Advanced Lower Body Strength Challenge

Bel’s Lower Body Classic


—- Core/Abs Workouts —-

(Easiest to More Challenging)


Pelvic Floor Workshop

Reverse Crunch Modification for Neck & Lower Back Issues

Time Saver Abs & Core : Beginner

Yoga Core Strengthening Routine

Standing Abs & Obliques

Intermediate Core Workout

Exercise Ball Abs

Calvin Klein Obliques

Power Core Workout

On The Road Abs

Suspension Band Core

Time Saver Abs & Obliques : Advanced

8×8 Core Challenge

Advanced Core-Cardio Challenge


—- Resistance Band Workouts —-

Power Band Body Toning

Dynamic Recovery Workouts (Weights or Power Band)

Power Band Fitness Challenge

Buns Of Steel

Bel’s Power Band Classic

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Mini Power Band Toning Workout


—- Cardio —-

(Easiest to More Challenging)

Low Impact Cardio

HIIT Fitness Booster

HIIT Made Simple

Power HIIT

How To Skip Like A Pro

20-Minute HIIT Lower Body

Lower Body High Intensity Interval Training

Tighten, Tone & Burn

HIIT Cardio-Toning Workout

Cardio Fat Burning: 3 Exercise Circuit 

Advanced Core-Cardio Challenge


—- Warm-Up, Stretching, Recovery, Yoga & Pilates —-

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Pre Walk or Run Stretch Routine

Full Body Stretch Routine

Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

Lower Body Stretching Routine

Getting Started With Stretching: 6 Basic Exercise Ball Stretches

Workstation Recovery Workout

Knee Recovery Workout

Pre-Workout Hip Mobility Routine

Get Lean Barre Workout 1

Yoga For Stress & Anxiety 

Yoga Core Strengthening Routine

Power Yinyasa Yoga Routine

Sunrise and Sunset Yoga



—- Get Lean Workouts —-

(Easiest to More Challenging)



Beginner Bodyweight Workout 1

Beginner Bodyweight Workout 2

Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3

Beginner Bodyweight Workout Challenge


Intermediate Bodyweight Workout 1

Intermediate Bodyweight Workout 2

Intermediate Bodyweight Workout 3

Intermediate Bodyweight Workout Challenge


Advanced Bodyweight Workout 1

Advanced Bodyweight Workout 2

Advanced Bodyweight Workout 3

Advanced Bodyweight Workout Challenge



Beginner Resistance Workout 1

Beginner Resistance Workout 2

Beginner Resistance Workout 3

Beginner Resistance Workout Challenge


Intermediate Resistance Workout 1

Intermediate Resistance Workout 2

Intermediate Resistance Workout 3

Intermediate Resistance Workout Challenge


Advanced Resistance Workout 1

Advanced Resistance Workout 2

Advanced Resistance Workout 3

Advanced Resistance Workout Challenge




—- Bonus Workouts—-

Playground Workouts 3 & 4

Playground Workouts 1 & 2

Asymmetrical Variance Training

Nice Ass Workout



—- Cooking —-

August 2013: Get Lean Cooking Masterclass

July 2013: Pear & Cherry Crumble

May 2013: Get Lean Pancakes

February 2013: Sesame Turkey Patties

June 2012: Get Lean Waldorf Chicken Salad

April 2012: Get Lean Breakfast Gluten Free Protein Muffins

Delicious Guilt Free Desserts Video


—- Super Sexy Skin —-

Coconut and Lavender Hot Oil Hair Mask

4 Essential Oils to Improve Mental Clarity, Focus and Energy

How To Track Your Super Sexy Skin Transformation


—- Helpful ATC User Guides —-

Get Lean Video Guide to Aussie Transformation Coach

Get Lean Quick Start Guide

How to Track Your Transformation

April 2012: Get Leaner Questions Answered

May 2012: Get Leaner Questions Answered


—- Inspirational & Motivational Videos —-

Christmas Message: December 2015

Make Peace With Your Body: 2014 New Year’s Message

Don’t Burn Out!

Discover Your Potential!

How To Hit The Ground Running in 2013!

Short Motivational Message from Paihia, New Zealand

Belinda’s Transformation: 2012 Photoshoot

Giving 100%, No Regrets & Not Scratching That Itch!

Mental Toughness: The Hidden Secret to Success

If It Is To Be … It’s Up To Me!


—- Video Blogs —-                                                  

Mission Photoshoot: Belinda’s Bodyweight Challenge! (Video)

How to put “Sexy” back into your Butt! (Video)

The Mystery of Cellulite: Your Questions ANSWERED! (Video)

Video Interview with Bex Redding (live from London)!

Transformation Workshop: Melbourne Australia

WhatsUp?2012 Update (photoshoots, workouts, NZ & Australia)!

Postcard from Australia (kangaroo recipe and seminar videos)









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